Stationmaster: Our website must have optimized reason

What is the website is optimized?

The website is optimized search engine to optimize namely (also make search engine to rank) , english name is Search Engine Optimization, logogram is SEO. Let website design accord with search to all alone engine retrieval is used to namely, raise a keyword to be ranked in what search engine thereby, make potential client searchs engine to go up to be able to search a website greatly in each through product keyword, enhance the result that searchs engine sale. Normally search engine is optimized show Google rank is optimized, baidu rank is optimized and Yahoo rank is optimized, and it is to make left rank.

Why should undertake the website is optimized?

Amount of website of medium and small businesses is increasing nowadays, and the talented person that network sale knows in medium and small businesses is not much, normally the website of medium and small businesses is by the network service business is made safeguard, but the network serves business to do a website simply, without giving thought to network sale. This is firstly. Secondly, network promotion expenses is too tall, one part medium and small businesses pays load do not rise, and the website is optimized needless pay by click the fee that pays fee. On Internet free big eat is too much, so cost of sale of organic can managing network clutchs undertake the website is optimized.

How to undertake the website is optimized?

Before 1. is undertaking the website is optimized, must make clear the product keyword of the enterprise, that is to say the website that we think to let potential client pass what keyword to find us.

2. analyses the website of competitor of person of the same trade, get more optimizing thought.

3. abounds website content as far as possible, provide more free service and interactive function.

4. does not go painstakingly most the rank that begs certain keyword, and the keyword list that should abound oneself, make more potential clients find us through more keywords.

The advantage after is the website optimized?

Optimize through the website, can raise a keyword to be ranked in what search engine, abound visit antecedents, bring more discharge thereby. Reduce needless network to spread investment, raise the investment gain rate of our website finally.

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