Stationmaster of a novice writes the letter of Baidu

Probably you look to be less than or be met oversight I this mail, but I still want to write, because I do not have other option. But if you saw, the trouble continues to look, I can thank you all one’s life! Thank.

Mixed in stationmaster forum about the same a year, in me this year 19 years old of birthday that day, I prepare myself to build a station eventually, built the station of a stationmaster and link, I think stationmaster station this road. The Jsp that I choose the program, to JSP program I am not to understand very much, the program is bought family, oneself were done only small revise, because I myself still won’t write a program.

Stood on March 10, 2008 erect rises, today is 28, afternoon at 2 o’clock [slept at 12 o’clock yesterday evening sleep to be not worn rise get online go up in the morning at 9 o’clock] 10 to today, the search engine spider of Baidu is above my station climbed a lot of times, I am very happy, every time sees a record I am very excited, discover me because of Baidu. Can be heretofore, baidu did not collect me, the thing that I do at most all the day inputs in Baidu namely: Site: ? Does moisture in the soil knock flavour of earnestly the Huaihe River already does banter of billabong of saute of Ken of cure of  of sole of Jie of Qian of border of flavour of the Huaihe River of earnestly of  of  of  of dream short for the Yihe River exemplary melt shop inclined bowstring of Chuo of page of  of ox of green of blade of Yu of  of  of second making fun of  carries  to seek excrement to exemplary constant  of grey  of farsighted  argon?

I do not know my where err, I visited Baidu and head of a station a lot of times, a lot of, but I still do not know myself,violated which regulation. Myself thinks, the likelihood is below a few let Baidu misunderstand

1: My program is JSP language, those who do is the topic of stationmaster and link, likelihood Baidu thinks I this is insignificant site, or. . . I also do not know

2: ? Bear sauce of  spoon Juan Si to feed ⒘ of Qiao Gui  to shop address of? of  of reef fine gold is with Yu of Qu of stir-fry before stewing of Ke mandarin orange: / F? Kz=339460398; / F? Kz=339462105 with respect to this two
Probably you think this is cogged, but I do not know really, if be, I also was not sent again later, give me the chance please, because I am novice stationmaster, advertise without the place, I know Baidu is stuck only with stationmaster forum.

3: I search my website caption for many times in Baidu search, likelihood you can think this is cogged, but I just feel likely to Site is less than my station, see search caption have.
/ S? Ie=gb2312bs=domain%3Asr=z=cl=3f=8wd=lian58%C8%FD%B7%D6%D6%D3%C1%B4%BD%D3%CD%F8ct=0

4: ? With Zhu of  of ┟ of Yun of triangular bream of mother of car of Si of Su condition ぢ goody Hou makes an appointment with drought to be able to bear or endure  investigate antrum of provide for Ju n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor rises abruptly hold  to kiss Yang to wish  moisture in the soil is spruce art adept is troubled by silk of Wu of father of Huang Piao Su to play litter trade Qian of peptide of ┲ of army of Yu of  of fierce  chaste tree, I am novice stationmaster, a few people are done not have in what center ring knows, I also can such] , if be,

5: ?  of leech of  of health model of  of vomit of Lei of You of scull of  of Qin Jing of have a nightmare of Jin of  of drag of  of Guo of serve of Chi of drag  Jin quarrels Pie of discharge of Yi making fun of  changes  ?000 one year, I do not know my server problem or server are not the problem of crewel, but I assure, rate of my telecommunication visit is very rapid. Server IP is: still have me to see in stationmaster forum a few want to sponsor a space, I left freely to them, do not know their website is violated compasses.

6: Is my program JSP language just can cause income slow? For this, I looked for the station of language of a lot of JSP, discovery is collected pretty good.

Except above those a few may be misunderstood by Baidu outside, I cannot find what reason really, do not know why to to close, if still have, very troublesome Baidu can waste a bit time to send a mail to look to me on my body. If be, telling me please is which, I what can change change certainly, I won’t change a domain name, because I think,such ability are cogged.

Thank you to be able to look very much, thank, thank really. If can, can you add my Baidu HI to tell me? My Baidu HIID is: QQ243966 phone 020-22662209

If Baidu can chat with me, I am met very benedictory. Still a lot of want to say, what to but I do not know,say, thank! Hope you can see my postal matter!