Stationmaster is not denounced temporarily artful in the webpage in optimizing, undertake cogged

The webpage optimizes heterodoxy thering is no lack of, but this just often is denounced temporarily artful, the result is to the loss outweights the gain eventually. Search engine, especially large search engine is in sensing cogged behavior field is very clever, give the matter further thought so, had better not use the following and cogged act:

Setting character facial expression and setting are same

This is kind of old method that raises webpage correlation to spend, particular way is:

Many keyword is placed in the webpage, set its color into be the same as color with setting, can let search engine to retrieve more keywords so, return at the same time not easy by common discovery of the person that browse.

This is kind of typical cogged behavior, all search engine are unusually sensitive to this now, once discover an opportunist, they give will ruthlessly severe blow. Accordingly, unless you want to confirm search,all alone engine has many to this rusty, otherwise must not defy the law.

Use the keyword that has nothing to do with webpage content.

Some websites visit a quantity to increase, use in the webpage a few very popular, but the search word that with oneself webpage content has nothing to do, for instance Mp3, DVD Video, the hope borrows the person that this attracts more visits.

But want to know, this is kind of extremely irresponsible behavior. When the user encounters this kind of situation, they often can feel depressed, and as a result of great majority common netizen does not understand search all alone engine retrieves the mechanism of information, they can suspect a search the effectiveness of engine, prop up stay at a respectful distance from sb to search index then, and the result that this searchs engine to wish to see least of all just about.

So search engine also is detest to this kind of practice, once cribber is discovered, the penalty that gets will be severe, light the rank qualification that cancels your webpage, weigh a meeting to keep clear of your whole website from inside the database.

The exterior link that a large number of having nothing to do.

In webpage rank basic principle and webpage optimize a part the importance that we mention exterior link, but this does not mean you to need not seek politic ground and the website exchange link that all is willing that link with you. The inferior quality link that has nothing to do with the website too much actually cannot have effect not only, contrary meeting brings a trouble to you, and nag especially in this respect Google.