Square field surface: 57 searches engine optimizes practical skill

1, if you must use Java Script next pulling map of menu, picture, or picture link, so the text link that you must place them is in the certain place of the page, search the spider capture of engine in order to facilitate.

2, content is king, accordingly Wu is sure outstanding, above the key word of better a gleam of that is centered in you with distinctive content or keyword.

3, if content is king, that link is queen. The key word that uses you serves as a link, build the network that a high quality links reversely. Remember, if do not have logical reason, bad website linked you, this kind of link also does not want.

4, do not be obsessed with at PageRank, that just ranks the one part of algorithmic minimum. The website grade that a low PR is worth can cross the website of a tall PR high actually.

5, ensure the Title label of every page on your website, have a distinctive key word. Still have, if you must put company name inside, that is put in caption finally. Unless you are the well-known trademark of a widely known, your company name may obtain a few searches.

6, fresh content can help you improve a rank. Should add regularly new, useful content arrives your webpage. The addition of fresh content can draw the attention that searchs engine.

7, the website that is sure to use a keyword to link you please.

8, attention searchs a word, it is single key word not merely, the situation that sets you is in text, can help you obtain the netizen search to circumjacent area.

9, the website that does not take no account of SEO to design you. Affirm webpage stylist understands you to be opposite please the expectation of natural SEO. After letting it build a website, the beauty that is based on Flash then in you does to update on the website. The spider is OK capture text, is not Flash or image.

10, be in appropriately attribute of Alt of text link, picture, keyword and key word are decorated in the domain name even.

11, examination Www and the normative problem that are not Www domain name. After deciding you want to use which kinds of means, use 301 heavy directional one goes to another above. Change and of character, if be your choice configuration, should weigh so directional to it.

12, the case that examines whole website to link home page. Is Index.html in you advocate does the domain name fall? If be if, distinguish please your link. If be exterior link, the link arrives, in-house link is linked / Index.html.

13, frame, flash and Ajax are all these have a common problem. You cannot link an onefold webpage. Its or is all or is penniless. Best SEO result always is need not frame, Flash, with abstemious use AJAX.

14, URL expands the name nots matter. the SEO that this pays close attention to you, use.html, .htm, .asp, .php is waited a moment, do not have what distinction.

15, hope spider patronage your new website? If pass the regulation of Google to submit watch sheet, expenditure counts week of time to be able to be accomplished. But the quickest way is to let the website of a high quality link it.

16, if your website content is seldom newer, so your website needs a Blog, because search spider likes new text version. Blog is updated 3 times at least every week, with good, fresh content, hello feed those small creeper.

17, when establishing a link, consideration quality, is not an amount. Onefold, good, authoritative link, far good the link that became more than 10 quality to be able to kill you inferiorly actually at you.

18, search engine wants natural language content, do not try to use key word crowded text, it won’t be effective. Search engine can examine key word inside to allow the occurrence frequency in, if frequency freeboard, the statistic that searchs engine can be just the opposite to what one wished to you.

19, link not only should use key word anchorage text version, the character all round the link also wants related to key word. Change and of character, with the description sexual text is linked around these.

20, if you use fictitious lead plane, make inspection of a blacklist, affirm you are done not have and be together by website of penalty or rubbish mail representative. Their negative notoriety may affect yourself’s rank.