Spider SEO: Stand newly 4 hours, lie Yahu the first page!

Spider SEO: ? Brandish? hour, rape Yahoo the first page! [Yahoo Seo referenced case]

See forum somebody asks how Yahoo does Seo. Did a test.

Do not want to send here originally, but at night again two people asked yesterday, take everybody to make a reference.

Because do not have appropriate corn, the Baidu space that uses so, because the structure of Baidu space is right Seo is very friendly.

Literal setting basically has in the light of Yahoo, when need is optimized to Yahoo, everybody can make reference, it is OK also to be used on Google, but had better not use so in Baidu.

Key word: Waga

Search a quantity: Daily 5000 the left and right sides

(can consult about heat of Yahoo key word Yahoo vane)

/ Pv.html? Query=wagasearch=%E6%9F%A5%E8%AF%A2lb=1

Use time: 5 minutes

Literal origin: Achieve formerly

Page amount: 4 pages (home page + cent page)

Experimental result: Before dawn makes a station, be opposite be collected after Yahoo is revulsive, 4 hours of back row are in home page. Yahoo had come afresh again in night yesterday, updated.

Because the site is intended experiment, the advantage was taken on time so, before dawn makes a station, moment had been in with respect to discovery at 8 o’clock that day morning home page. If be independent corn, safeguard again, the rank should be OK maintain come down.

Everybody can consult layout of word of one later development, but had better not stand with the experiment density is euqally high, although Yahoo is right this limitation is not tall, but mine is an experiment merely.

To Google, it is new domain name the most successful, without register a record, the 4th day when corn registers, the site releases the 3rd day, it is Google the first page. The search is measured about daily 4000 of the left and right sides. Let my little brother be being safeguarded, now a month, still be in the first page. That station is advertisement station, regrettablly I am hapless, advertisement advocate close a station.
To Baidu, I am 11 days the most successful, search quantity is in 5000 right-and-left key word, the platoon is in the first page. Also be advertisement station, it is the Seo that side friend does nevertheless.

It seems that everybody is interested in the rank, but I more and more it is the most important to feel the rank is not. Everybody does not want oversight to rectify a station to optimize. I send a card to let everybody discussion pass, but everybody is paid no attention to.

My way station go up next week line, spider SEO.cn

Welcome everybody to walk, have ask to answer surely, all problems reply inside 24 hours. (Special situation except, for instance I enter a prison, did not have method to get online. Did not have method to get online..

If experimental station pursues:

Repeat: Mix in the light of Yahoo only Google is effective, everybody does not want to be used to Baidu, the Seo skill of Baidu, communicate with everybody again later.