Speak with Google group

Core clew: Participated in an in-house activity of cereal song company, employee of section of department of group of quality of the Adsense that follows Gu Ge, search, Adwords has a conversation.

Ceng Yingpeng will invite friendlily August, participated in an in-house activity of cereal song company, employee of section of department of group of quality of the Adsense that follows Gu Ge, search, Adwords has a conversation.

The friend of the Gu Ge before the dialog asks about bit of stone is to rely on what gain, the battalion carry cost of a month has how old, have the problem that how many person is managing and so on. My answer is, choosing stone is an interest interest merely, it is a communication bridge, which day of netizen thinks to not was necessary to exist, it disappears.

Those who share a conversation is mutual 3 honored guests: The manager of cruel fund, where to go to vice-president Dai Zheng still has me. The spot always shares staff, basically come from 3 branches of Gu Ge. A few problems that record at that time are below:

Compere: When is you use cereal song product for the first time to be in?

1999. Await in those days, I am written down very clearly. I am looking for a few websites with sina catalog search, as a result my friend just came back from Shenzhen fitly, say to have a very magical website to me at that time, call Google, can quick search wants the thing that seek to me. That is I use Google for the first time.

Compere: You think those places do Gu Ge successfully, and those places fail quite.

The mobile Internet strategy that Gu Ge is making all the time at present, I feel very correct. My discovery is in product of Chinese shift Internet, at present cereal song product is made best. I use Iphone, often above with Gmail, the product such as Google Reader, first-rate with. And this (mobile Internet) the trend that is prospective Internet. I feel right for Gu Ge, chose a very right way.

Want to say to fail. When I turn over the colleague of cogged group to drink coffee with you in, also had arrived a little. That is 6 years – the Sandbox of 7 years of moment is algorithmic. Perhaps be coincidence, but occasionally I think this thing, the likelihood pulls open the distance with Gu Ge quickly to matter with Baidu. After 6 years, web2.0, rich guest, a series of users such as community contribute the website of content to rise abruptly quickly, and Gu Ge enabled Sandbox however, should have 6-8 to new station lunar observation period. And the awfullest is, await in those days, after defer always wanting two days after index, in the search the result shows, the index efficiency to community also far Baidu of be not a patch on.

Everybody knows, in 2 timeses, contributive content of the netizen often is in community, 2 the force with which sth breaks out are feral, and Gu Ge this moment is go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations, I feel thenceforth rises, everybody is talking, baidu of cereal song be not a patch on. Of course, be like now conversely, baidu updates a result in real time no longer, and the rate that Gu Ge accelerated index to update.

Compere: You make money through Gu Ge for the first time is when, how many money is there?

Everybody does not believe the world has free lunch. If want to say first time from gain of cereal song gain, that is gain free lunch. By 2003, I am in Shenzhen house of a snack has a meal. The outcome feels very bizarre, the proprietress still placed station computer over the counter. I ask why, the computer that she says her can accept a village inside order meal.

Should be I say, why to let more people know, let others look for Shenzhen snack to know you? The person that I say to I have method to let a whole world searchs Shenzhen snack, your menu that sees in front. As a result that boss gave me a piece of menu instantly, say next, this meal you need not pay!

Compere: So old Seo experience, do you think to comprehend what is the deepest?

Comprehend the deepest is patient. Seo needs patience particularly, have black hat, because do not have patience,be, the illusion acquires business of a year the result inside 3 days.

Cereal song employee: Do you feel what the recipe of Seo is?

Good product and user experience. The keyword that for instance we want to make a weather forecast is optimized, above all before we should analyse Gu Ge 10 website is what kind of, good with. It is better to evaluate us to be able to do next use. I feel to accomplish this, add optimize reasonably. After half an year, be sure the meeting in front of Gu Ge has your site.

You also can retrieve your name, look in be absent foremost face. If want to go to foremost face very simple also, yourself builds settle or live in a strange place of a rich. Insist to write bit of thing, insist to be achieved formerly. That is afraid of a week even a month, hold to period of time, I believe the rich settle or live in a strange place that wants you only had value. Very fast advanced face.

Compere: Who is the competitor that you think you are the biggest?

My representing chooses stone today and not be a company, so this problem may suit me not quite a bit. If want the competitor of true stone saying a point, won’t be Google of course. However black hat. Everybody goes an article that orders stone piece look, the official gain passenger that can discover we appear to compare search engine more the government. Saying Seo is not all-purpose all the day, say Seo is no good so, be no good in that way.

In treat black hat and instead cogged, the position that we follow Google is consistent. This is the principle with bit of basic stone. The matter that we become so is very simple. Go bogus ability is put true. For instance this Dai Zong beside me, their airline ticket search is first-rate with. But station of one caboodle rubbish is easy to do the likelihood was in with respect to the platoon before his. This is right for him, it is huge inequity.

As the guide of an industry, nod Shi Youyi Wu and responsibility to do these businesses. Consequently I say our competitor is black hat.