Song letting cereal searchs engine apace to collect 10 points of the website

1, must refer the website to Google, can accelerate collect speed. Interface is located in / Intl/zh-CN/add_url.HTML but, sincere if Google is inside the specification of this one page,write, it is not certain also to was referred appear, ah. Before referring a website to give GOOGLE, enrich the following content as far as possible certainly, I feel main is a character should quite much go.

2, the place that in Google robot day time of the day visits casts next link (needed to use ready money commonly) efficiency is very tall, for instance DOMZ, if,Alexa believes you can infiltrate this, already very arrogant B.

3, if do not have money, on forum pointing to a link also is a good idea, for instance better forum, put a few cards to their home page, ah.

4, do not have blind faith in key word, do not use ghost page, once be checked,arrive sequential and serious.

5, with group when ascending a tool, must fill in detailed, do not get effective to come repeatedly.

6, if decide to do you to think valuable keyword, had better hold on, most at least does not change 7 days at first.

7, the join that home page leads to inside the station control is between the 60~100% of full page amount.

8, the website that development phase wants to combine congener key word more as far as possible establishs a link, can of benefit from association with sb or sth.

9, do not call script in great quantities in page head.

10, must not use simple and dynamic page, should not upload home page afresh easily more, if want to use, want to use modular format.