Some websites do not need SEO SEO to want to treat what kind of condition

Core clew: Basically be to tell a salesperson, do not waste time in these places, because do not produce value, bring a trouble possibly even to oneself a bit.

What kind of website does not need SEO website to optimize? Does SEO website optimize the condition with what kind of need? I want what needing to think seriously about the personage of SEO to these two problems are all, represent individual speech only below, better point of view hopes to be able to be shared with everybody.

One, the website that does not want to let stranger visit

Some people can ask doing SEO is to let others see probably, can you come out not to want to let the website that the family sees over there?

What point to here is the boss that the friend that misses him only partly shows off, they can say before the friend: Laozhao, I is this website done beautifully? Hey, spent me 500 thousand! Still be what blessing comes master (FLASH) website. Think such person is upstart commonly, he doing a website is to show off purely, do not believe the website can bring value. Such website is done not have necessary go doing SEO website to optimize.

2, the website already had very good rank

Somebody ever asked me: Laojiang, you look can help me give put sb out of the way the first website. Fortunately I did not agree readily, look carefully rely on TNND, first station is QQ, I fall, think put sb out of the way his station is your person thinks a lot of person thinks not just, the PR that seeing him just is 3 I say: Do adventitious. He says: Are you ace? I say: All friendly to searching engine elements that making white hat is your website only actually give had revised, the quality of a website is no good, we do SEO do not build a website again, do not do inside 9 years.

The keyword that returns somebody to say me is discharged the first, but don’t have a client how to do? That is about to ask your sale and client, SEOER is done not have necessary the website that goes having very good rank undertakes SEO website is optimized.

3, company be about to the website of close a business

SEO more company close a business has what concern, a lot of people ask me so? The concern is very actually big, below just think, firm SEO of website of a company has been optimized, the company closed down, significant to company boss? If a company be about to close a business, the key is not SEO, solve capital to flow to perhaps say the problem that is the respect such as stimulative sale however, the effect is best when SEO website optimizes the regular income that there is stability in a company. About 3 months that because outstanding SEO Bai Maocao is made,are the good place that needs time are controlled.

4, website design is unreasonable, empty without content, gewgaw

I once had seen a website, it is the picture is stuck entirely come out, do not have young scrutiny to feel this website content is very rich still at the beginning! Professional habit lets me read code later, this ability discovers the picture of.jpg of whole before town. Good lord, what is what to a few elementary search engine they follow not to know to be written inside the website originally, differred next collecting to measure finally, discover only Yahoo has a few pages to collect (Yahoo is to collect) artificially, other is completely 0. That is to say content is empty when a website undertakes SEO is optimized, see good effect very hard also, suggest to abandon to this kind of website so.

Say SEO needs what requirement I think cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, hope everybody can eagerly discuss together discuss.

One, sufficient financing

Now the salary of a formal common SEOer is ¥ 6000.0010000.00 yuan of RMB, a group needs 5-8 individual to control about, 3 months can operate 5-7 at the same time about monadlist (the company) that compares efficiency, value that SEO website optimizes lowest also crosses simple business accounting 10 thousand, some exceeds hundred thousands of to arrive even about a hundred 10 thousand. If say,turnover of a year also does not go to a company the word of tens of thousands of, so investment undertakes SEO website is optimized is the issue with a kind of very large risk. The proposal or that manages to Xiaogong looks for private SEO, him or learns SEO, or is not done, go seeking formal SEO company the probability of 99% is the time in wasteful both sides.

2, enough time

The first word that the client of 80% says is, want you to be able to let me see effect money is not a problem quickly only, but the problem is outstanding white hat SEO the operation is need time, especially the operation of SEO group, the circumstance of interior of Shanghai region industry is to report 3 months can see the effect to 6 months external commonly, although some of company can end an operation in the 2nd month,also meet protracted to the 3rd month, because be in the effect is apparent period particular risk still exists before coming.

3, the website should have enough value

This actually above had said, so Suo of not much .