Solve forum to collect a problem – Baidu BBS collects an agreement

An article is main those who be aimed at forum website collect, tell about a Baidu collect an agreement " Baidu Internet forum collects open agreement " , BBS of my abbreviation Baidu collects an agreement.

Just as its name implies, forum of can immediate help website increases this agreement collect efficiency.

The Baidu BBS of Kyw collects an agreement to read note to be as follows:

1.Baidu BBS collects an agreement is file of a XML, action is similar the SITEMAP.XML file of GOOGLE.

2.The size control of XML file is inside 10M.

3.Baidu BBS is collected is original to Baidu spider only a kind of hand that collects means and beneficial complement, is not to replace.

4.After using Baidu BBS to collect an agreement, the card in be equivalent to forum is subscribed to by Baidu.

5.Encode format of support has GB18030, UTF-8, GB2312, BIG5 to wait, recommend use GB2312 and UTF-8.

6.The Encoding cost that notes XML file head must agree with the actual encode type of XML file.

7.A few special character in XML label content need to change the escape character that defines for XML.

8.Maintain every XML file to be in the condition that updates automatically continuously by newer cycle please.

9.A site can not refer many different XML, may be identified to be otherwise use " forum opens a deliberation " cogged.

BBS collects an agreement to use a method:

Upload XML file website root catalog, a link is added in home page, wait for Baidu spider to climb over go. Baidu spider can undertake check and be assessmented to offerred data, successful word will be collected formally inside a week.

Baidu BBS collects consultative sample:

It is quotative content below:
< ? Xml Version=1.0 Encoding=GB2312? >
<document Xmlns:bBs=/search/bbs_sitemap.xsd>
<webSite> [website domain name] </webSite>
<webMaster> [administrator EMAIL] </webMaster>
<updatePeri> [update time] </updatePeri>
<updatetime> [this Xml file updates time recently] </updatetime>
<version> [forum uses program version, for example DISCUZ6.0.0] </version>
<link> [card the absolutely address of the first page, use static URL as far as possible] </link>
<title> [news caption] </title>
<pubDate> [the card releases time exemple: 2007-08-21 16:55:32] </pubDate>
<bbs:lAstDate> [the issuance that the card replies last times time] </bbs:lAstDate>
<bbs:rEply> [the card returns complex number, do not include advocate stick] </bbs:rEply>
<bbs:hIt> [the card examines a number always] </bbs:hIt>
<bbs:mAinLen> [card advocate the length that stick, unit byte] </bbs:mAinLen>
<bbs:bOardid> [the card is in a column, the Id that offers a column] </bbs:bOardid>
<bbs:pIck> [whether to set for elite, elite mark is 1 it is instead 0] </bbs:pIck>

Example XML downloads: / Upload/BBS-shouou-xieyi.xml

A good news, collect an agreement according to what I know the BBS that at present BBS system of home did not support Baidu, capable to develop the friend of plug-in unit, do, can bring many links to you oh ^_^

Author: Kyw

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