Solution of website Seo detailed joins strategy and search engine are optimized

12, 3 years ago, join most is to use the person that introductory other join gives a visit, the goal is very simple, so website advocate receive what website to connecting, the person that join this website gives a visit brings what advantage to be valued very much. The person that join is regarded as a visit all the time evaluates the mainest factor of website value, the person that visit whether span only through join one pace can visit different website, the message that misses understanding to oneself and information have complement, the key sees a website advocate chosen link is nice.

The last few years, because search engine portal website (be like Baidu, gu Ge) rise abruptly and intervene, join the action in the website is early had lost inchoate original intention. Purpose of website pursuit connective is not completely go to the lavatory to give the person that visit to offer and go to the lavatory, more time head of a station are the website that how lets his in the consideration in appearing in search engine to search a result more the position before leaning, how to do good search engine to optimize namely.

Join is search engine judgement a website is outstanding, a whether important main factor. Should a lot of websites join actively when a website, search engine can think that website is very important, the weight that give is very tall, express to search engine special to this website those who look case. Searching engine itself is the function that a program realizes, of course every program that searchs engine has him algorithm, every algorithm that searchs engine also is different, what connective amount and connective quality become a website is important evaluate a standard, through join whether the person that give a visit brings stability, the exterior website natural resources with substantial content, it is successful and important to become a website one of marks.

The link that searchs engine to optimize need to consider includes the link outside the link inside the station and station two kinds:

The link inside the station also says inside catenary, catenary is built inside is the main factor that manage judgement searchs engine to optimize technical discretion. Can make website whole distribution equitable through be being optimized to what link inside the station, convenient the person that visit is browsed, this also becomes search engine to judge one of crucial factors of value of a website, especially Baidu, value a website quite inside catenary. If can inside what catenary decorates is enough good, this is very helpful to keyword rank, have in searching a result special the rank before leaning, in that way very relaxed can go out website promotion, let enter your website user to click browse more information.

The common form of catenary has inside:
Website navigation: Be placed to be in commonly website coping position, lead an user the column is classified related quicker arrival;

Website map: Bore with the website is numerous the link of the page, set the position in website home page, not only convenient the person that visit is browsed, give demonstrate of the person that visit way, improve the efficiency that browse, return capture of spider of engine of OK and convenient search, the website all inside catenary offers search engine capture;

Inside civil link: Convenient the person that visit understands relevant implied meaning, can jump through join turn to relevant page;

Crumble link: Offer clear and trenchant visit way to the person that browse, the relation be clear at a glance that goes up in hierarchy to this page that they visit and those page.

Do what link inside good station to suggested at 4 o’clock:
1. is little use or do not use JS file link as far as possible, although JS file is called more easily in static page, but very chilly to searching engine to optimize. If weight of home page of a website is very tall, form because of JS code inside catenary is not suitable, bring about inside the weight of the page is very low, very poor on the rank;

2. reduces page administrative levels to link, when searching page of website of engine spider capture, do not have requirement and limitation to the administrative levels development of the website, but reasonable administrative levels page, more be helpful for spider capture, more friendly to searching engine to optimize;

3. uses draw text explanatory note, if I join page name is result impressions, for better reflect the result, I can join impressions of result of SEO of draw text annotate, can tell the person that visit this is the join of what content respect clearly, in the light of the search engine is optimized also have certain profit;

4. links the position that should appear before leaning as far as possible, when searching pillar capture page is to press from go up downward content of ordinal capture website, content is more serious, with website keyword more adjacent page should discharge the position before the website leans more, in that way capture of more convenient spider.

The catenary outside also saying is linked outside the station, it is the blood of Internet. Without the link, information is isolated, the reach every aspect of a matter that a website becomes hard, because this need links other website. With other natural resources mutual complement makes a kind of demand naturally, cannot get satisfaction in a certain website when this kind of demand when, you can all alone in search engine portal website gains more knowledge, more information. This also is a crucial account that searchs engine to be able to succeed so today, it cannot accomplish place of a common website, it collects the link of other website, to itself, namely outside catenary. A lot of stationmaster think the website link oneself offers website of search engine portal now, divide a cup of a thick soup with its! Whether share a cup of a thick soup, that has to see you whether to the search engine is brought useful outside catenary information, catenary is regarded as outside the standard of stand or fall of a website. Be like, gu Ge thinks, the website that is linked by numerous website should be a pretty good website, how can otherwise have so much website to link this website? Gu Ge’s think of a way is admittedly right, but present website is done outside catenary is for convenient user no longer and the link that seeks pertinent information website, however to optimize, increase link amount desperately, with increasing a website outside catenary amount, enhance the catholicity of the link of the website. They remember Gu Ge’s word, catenary is jumped over outside much, the PR value of catenary is jumped over outside tall, the impact that to oneself website PR is worth is bigger also, have some of person even cherish principal goes buying PR is linked high and the content value of oversight itself website.

Outside a few kinds of of catenary familiar pattern:
1. exchanges friendship link, a kind of when resource popularizes each other between the website important step, the psychology that acts on mutually beneficial mutual benefit and other website cooperate, best of course with oneself the website related website resource content exchanges friendship link;

2. lands classified catalog, refer your website to classified catalog namely, and land the meaning with about the same website of search engine portal. The world is the greatest DMOZ of classified catalog website, a website of abroad. By the website that DMOZ collects successfully, can acquire the link that DMOZ site derives not only, the website that is derived link by DMOZ, searching the weight that engine gives is very tall, completely artificial examine and verify, the friend that have fun at can go DMOZ is referred below, successful rate is quite low! Because,be low, just reach now the nobility of DMOZ ~ Chinese lands a website: / World/Chinese_Simplified;

3. lands navigation network address, namely what we often say is good 123, 265 wait for website of encyclopedia of a few network address, it brought a new innovation to Chinese Internet, once good 123 be bought with 1000 much values by Baidu nowadays, 265 be collected by Gu Ge. If your website is OK by good 123, the 265 words that wait for website of large navigation network address to collect, bring many hopes that are clicked to your website undoubtedly, chinese Lai Ren likes to use navigation network address;

4. makes a station group, to search index props up optimized abecedarian and Yan Zhanqun is very complex. Alleged station group point to namely, when searching a certain keyword, the content of a few websites that in searching a result, appears is roughly identical, but be not same network address, if they are mutual connective, so they stand namely group. The station that make group, should notice: Do not choose to use space of same computer room, station group between do not want alternate link, the content between every site should differ somewhat.

5. join bait, be a kind very clever get exterior connective means, cause search engine to optimize the intense attention of technical lover and industry from personnel of course of study in last few years. The page of join bait has very strong appeal commonly, include to attract the content of your eyeball, not be mere of course an inviting caption, the revile that can draw on a few people only in that way and distain. The plan joins bait page needs very strong plan capability and innovation consciousness.

6. group the guest that build rich, to a newly-built website, when be worth without PR, general and very few somebody can be willing to exchange friendship to join with you, so right now you can choose to go each big door website builds rich settle or live in a strange place, be like Yahoo, baidu, sina have rich guest function, you can build settle or live in a strange place of a rich for oneself in that, the website of independent domain name that adds friendship join to you next or rich guest.

Of the catenary outside doing suggested at 4 o’clock:

The nature of growth of exterior join number changes 1. website, the website that does not give you inside short time increases many exterior connection, the website that can let you in that way arouses the suspicion that searchs engine, the website that must give you by the qualitative calculated that press a quantity adds exterior join, the success of a website is not the thing of a very short time.

2. does not forget the thing that yourself should do most, besides what search high quality outside catenary, did not forget to manage, build oneself website, the website that gives oneself adds a brick to add tile, website content just is the kingcraft with successful website, again much outside catenary, do not have content, what does that bring impossibly also to change to you rate.

3. does not use group of hair software, it is OK really to pass group of hair softwares to send a large number of exterior connective meanses the website that gives you inside short time brings constant flow. But this kind of method is very easy by get behind, once by get behind, your website disappears period of time inside search result forever even, be like QQ, the join that can send to stranger undertakes informing against, complain.

4. exchanges a link to be given priority to with home page not merely, a website includes very the information of the industry, like us one becomes independent the rich guest of the domain name, also have a few not identical columns of course, and oversight the exchange between column page. Will increase weight of website complete station through many exterior join while, did not forget the catenary outside dividing page page to add to yours, increase the weight of minute of page, also be very helpful to searching engine to optimize

It is the link inside the station no matter, it may not be a bad idea is linked outside the station, calculate a link, connective catholicity, each other is epicene the essential requirement that is Internet development, connective amount and quality are pair of websites measure a level. Join can affect website PR value directly, nevertheless PR is worth the mark that is a website only, do not affect a search to make the weight that props up pair of your websites, but the PR value that search indexes the weight that props up pair of your websites affects your website directly, this word sees those who seem contradiction, contradict anything but however, it is a not reversible process only! PR value and search engine are mutual to the weight of your website do not affect, the new station to doing not have PR is very advantageous congenital condition, pass website content construction, increase link amount, maintaining link quality is the website obtains PR to be worth thereby, can be expected soon!