Snapshot does not update home page Site is not the first solve actual combat piece

Have recently and the friend talks about Baidu snapshot to be not updated, home page Site is not first problem, oneself say simply below the experience with how go to oneself station snapshot and Site normal out of order, borrowed by no means the experience of others, the hope can help the stationmaster friend that has this kind of problem.

Everybody knows Baidu is like the turn of life recently, had better not offend it, as to why to meet such, I think elder old stationmaster knows, most ashamed chief culprit is SEO software, which kinds? The disaster that a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct SEO station that builds automatically causes, baidu is urgent, went out to answer a method, so we do not spark his condition, cover oneself go in, that you besides be fallen to counterpoise namely by K, as to by the only home page is collected station of K, can insist to be achieved formerly in great quantities hold to half month to control the station bring back to life oneself, oneself had been carried out personally, that station has been collected afresh now and weight is very good, as to how to achieve formerly in great quantities have on Seowhy forum can come true, but oneself did not implement batch operation method, belong to a hand to move, good run besides inscribed, return to the subject.

Snapshot is newer before, some day snapshot was not updated suddenly, when do I say here, oneself him station is the clearest, oneself station problem is in everybody in light of contrast:

One, friendship link, this everybody said, I say next my notions, need notices the following

1, the amount of the link your rank is good, had achieved the result that you want, did not increase friendship to link again, can go to small weight station increasing tall.

2, do not do correcting to your friendship link easily kind adjust, what meaning? Because link some bags that are dependency to contain the keyword that you basically optimize mostly, here wants to notice, do not alter the position of key word, should alter also want bit by bit, otherwise Baidu snapshot can have not newer, my way station ate this deficient namely, updated snapshot through the ability after I examined snapshot to adjust the position later, of course I still did other processing, specific look please below.

3, become friendship link to standing with what, I think everybody has his point of view, I think not to see Pr, see discharge and key word rank can, of course to Baidu K scarcely makes the station of home page.

2, below the page changes or saying one right-hand seat is to optimize the snapshot that cause not to update:

1, advocate key word is added thick add inclined add kind of your weight enough tall you are OK so do, do not want to move otherwise

2, include on the article that you update advocate key word, as a result you updated this position to include key word to will update this position to was not included again tomorrow today, baidu can confuse Hu Le, if you hold to,make a month so of course, baidu is met oversight the key word of this your position, but next everybody does not want so do, bad to control, what we should do is advocate key word position is fixed, or be those who have the law is newer, such your snapshot and rank just can be stabilized.

3, if you are great correcting, or great optimize, that probable meeting snapshot is abnormal, then you are veteran, you maintained the catenary outside be being mixed newlier to be able to restore, did not alter in disorder so, you changed today, will change again tomorrow go back, will change again the day after tomorrow, such iteration consequence is very serious.

3, pawn crosses the server that checks you, or whether does the station that is you have virus, this did not say more.

4, having a kind of case is above eliminated, normal before, after the website moves abnormal, I had been come up against, used Dedecms program, installation restored a database, as a result I made a mistake, documentation of home page acquiesce is Index.php, and do not delete after this installation, the result was caused 302 temporarily from directional, so a month did not update snapshot, delete Index.php later gift is nice, these detail need everybody to notice, ace has so a word: Seo detail is the most important.