Small discuss the site that how lets search engine to land you quickly

The friend of new station is very much, but have what be collected rarely, the brother that makes a station knows, search the discharge of engine, had reached the majority of a new station, accordingly, how the fast key in be being alled alone by search engine collected a key.

Method one, refer directly.

Each big search engine has the URL that refers network address directly, it is OK that everybody is searched directly find, define no longer here.

Method 2, the promotion that send force

Through telling the friend that conveys the station to friend, friend immediately, obtain primitive discharge. Search engine can borrow dog this share flow dogs to stand to yours.

Method 3, forum group hair

Searching the site that engine lands quickly directly, if fogyism is stuck newly, establish oneself link.

Method 4, borrow force to make force

Seek domain name of a free move, sudden move.

Method 5, popular key word

Build key word link to receive, form loop of much page suit.

Still have ask everybody otherly to complement.