Skype and a bit that search engine to optimize are associated

From apparently look, skype and search engine are optimized and do not have what correlation. But, after installing Skype from last night, the search that I discovered to search engine feedback gives me produced delicate change as a result. If your feeling sounds a little confused, good, that I the circumstance specific description.

Yesterday evening, the newly established personnel that selects stone opens network meeting, use MSN is all the time previously online group a little, if you have very much idea, if think out to be stated through typing, that is a very thorny issue really. ZAC offers we convert Skype speech group a little, communicate the efficiency that rises to communicate probably to want in that way a lot of taller, then, I installed Skype on computer.

Today, I am same as usual the cross-stitch China that in attention one biddy friend safeguards () the core of the website ranks a circumstance, this keyword is in use cross-stitch the search in Google, the result that I discover to search engine is returned is a little odd. It is the check scheme that searchs a result below:

Everybody sees very easily apparently above two searchs a result similarities and differences in the picture: The first telephone number in searching a result was come out to come by the label with Skype format, and still can pass Skype to contact a website directly directly relevant controller. Such search compares the advantage that has at place of result of the 2nd search to be as follows as a result:

1: Search user has experiencedIn search result occurrence Skype phone dials clew, the user is OK very convenient through Skype and website relevant personnel undertakes communicating, of course premise is the user installed Skype software.

2: The search result visit of the webpage guides a gender strongVery apparent, in searching a result, the search that has Skype number clew wants to be able to draw the attention that searchs an user more as a result, such search can score tall hit as a result.

This kind of phenomenon can give us brought inspiration:

If your webpage faces the user that is abroad, and these user groups often can use Skype, so you should keep telephone number in the webpage, especially the page of those important promotion.

When buying search engine to pay cost advertisement, in the webpage description that you all alone to search engine is referred, also should include the telephone number that can get in touch with you as far as possible.

Need watchful item:

Installed Skype software on your computer only, just can appear the search result of above. Accordingly, you should distributing according to the user group of Skype and such strategy is implemented in corresponding webpage. Actually, although do not have this kind of occurrence that searchs a phenomenon, we still need to keep telephone number in the webpage.

The format of the telephone number with medium webpage must be written according to standard format, otherwise Skype is to cannot identify come out, its peculiar label appears in searching a result very hard then.

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