Site planning requires knowledge

Web site planning is a systematic project.
While most domestic enterprises and major Internet companies have not put the site plan placed an important position.
But the importance of site planning is not whether the position, currently more professional site planner is not much, some switch over from a website designer, some converted into one from the network marketers, some converted from the Internet industry analyst
Overall, the site planners need more knowledge, and use far-sighted viewpoint, particularly for companies in the Internet industry, site planning work is more important, because the more involved strategic research site
and future directions.
Corporate website Relatively speaking, the grasp of the planners of the Internet economy this knowledge requires relatively less.

Sun Tzu says: husband without a fight, the winner of the temple count, was considered too much; not count numerous battle of the temple, who was considered less also multi-operator wins, numerous small operators, while the status of my order almost no operator.?
perspective, the outcome see carry on.

Therefore, planning for production as well as future development of a site plays a key role.
So, you want to be an excellent site planner do?

In general site planning requires knowledge include the following:

1. the ability to do a good copy writing

Even the best ideas, new perspectives and then, if you can not express in words well, it would be a very unfortunate thing.
Copy writing ability is a planner to do the most basic quality requirements.
So be sure to strengthen the training in this area.

2. familiar with the Internet economy

Whether business or professional Internet business website, to a certain extent on the needs of the Internet economy a degree of certainty.
Corporate website in this regard may request a little at the end point.
But if you are engaged in pure Internet companies, such as web2.0 site, online media, wireless value-added, and so on.
Then you need deep rhyme connotation of the Internet economy.
Because of the particularity of the Internet economy, any kind of new technology and even the introduction of new ideas, can lead to the effects of volcanic eruptions, can set up a number of outstanding sites, but also a large number of sites down, so, as a blowing end
people, planners must be careful, because the establishment of strategic direction as well as to explore the profit model of the Internet economy are profound grasp basis.
If you do not understand this, then your site is more than mere planning type without meat, without any challenges and development potential.

3. have some programming foundation

does not require specific details of the website programming know a lot of things … but the basic type or understand … it is a good communication and technology department, while some of the functional requirements of the site also need to know some programming
….. such knowledge-based html language least know his works and the basics …… w3c standards … xml.ajax etc ..

For example ….

If you’re a little xml + css do not know it …. then you certainly would not advise technology section in the site planning design standards in accordance wc3 ….

If you do not understand ajax .. if you do not know you need to use ajax to achieve user-friendly design …..

In some places

If you do not understand the words xml rss.
You will not know you need to provide rss feed for polymerization in the site …

4. have knowledge of network marketing

The importance of website marketing for website I think we all know … especially the importance of website promotion ….. a website to promote the site is not only necessary in the production of good ……
. promote the site should run through the whole process of website development … so at the planning stage will need to be taken into account such as the functionality of the site .. whether more needs humane. website design is more conducive to online network marketing, website design process
, pay attention to the optimization of the page, optimizing site structure, as well as key distribution, and so on … user-friendly design of the site belonging to the invisible marketing plan, of course, very important ..

5. Good analytical skills and logical thinking ability

site planning, we can use the 5 w to the site to conduct a comprehensive thinking, the site features positioning, profit model analysis, site of the purpose orientation, although it is a very subjective thing, invisible, intangible, but it does all the follow-up
important reference work, and the function of the site location, the profit model analysis, site for the purpose of positioning the industry needs to analyze a market economy, including the entire industry market analysis, competitor analysis, and the enterprise’s own swot analysis.
Position and direction of development of enterprises and the entire site from the macro.
Site features analysis and development direction needed objective data based on the integration of the grasp of the Internet economy analysis.
Survey including site user’s age, behavioral characteristics, education, and so on.
These require strong analytical skills and logical thinking.

5. Good analytical skills and logical thinking ability

Fields and grasp the overall site style website design and combine enterprise ci vi site design site planning needs a certain art foundation, would also facilitate communication and art.

finish here today on the first …. all aspects of site planning influence each other, interact ……. I feel it is now necessary to web design and site planning perfect combination to look ..
This establishment in this one particular business significantly, often without planning to start production in the Internet business .. and this one has been relatively adequate attention, but the configuration and the trainers are also great place ….

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