Single page searchs the application that optimizes combination of keyword of actual combat case

Core clew: Produce complete of near future general somewhere, the hope is after complete go to factory lease for a short while. Stem from cost consideration, be popularized with the network and search engine sale to give priority to, make full use of infinite network resource saves an enterprise to enrol trade cost.

Extend a shift:

1, the issuance of information of industry sex website;

2, advertisement of regional integrated website casts;

3, classified website information releases;

4, search engine popularizes;

Executive plan:

The key tells search engine to popularize here.

1, target user search is used to investigation.

Actual item process wants, the target user that should be aimed at each specific project undertakes be used to is impossible almost investigating its to search, we can use the habit of a bigger group to become a basic knowledge only.

Investigation data shows, the potential user habit of 73% uses assorted keyword to undertake inquiring

The user uses search engine to retrieve uses keyword

Single key word 14%

2 key word are combined 33%

3 key word are combined 26%

4 key word are combined 14%

4 above key word is combined 9.6%

The analysis of root Ju above, we know most person likes to inquire with combination of many key word single key word inquires and rather than, so this case also will emphasize those who consider keyword combination to optimize.

Additional, because the target object of this second promotion is administrator of the high level in the enterprise, popularizing admiral so with figure more high end some GOOGLE serves as main target.

2, contend for adversary and industry unexpectedly relevant website analysis

Classics observation, keyword workshop workshop of rental, Xiamen Xiamen workshop is rental, rental contend for a gender unexpectedly too big, and the website before relevant rank leans is industry authority website, short-term inside want to surmount impossible, so the consideration is searched additionally contend for a gender unexpectedly relative to weaker keyword.

3, of the keyword choose

Use tool of GOOGLE key word, the keyword with many and relevant collect, consider a keyword integratedly to combine an element next, contend for sexual element and user to be used to an element unexpectedly, choose a keyword.

The keyword is certainly: Workshop of industry of business of business of Xiamen workshop action, Xiamen workshop action, Xiamen workshop of industry of rental, Xiamen workshop of rental, Siming workshop of rental, Siming workshop of industry of rental, Siming Siming industry workshop is rental, rental.

Look be like without the key, decided overmuch keyword, here is actually mature the keyword is associated sex, regional the need with long end: The much group keyword above, classify rises only actually two workshop rent and workshop enrols business, adscititious industry of an industry term and Xiamen of two area word, Siming.

Explaining so is very clear, also do not feel much!

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