Simple teaching materials: About be being optimized outside the station of the website

Core clew: Optimize outside the station the mainest is friendship link, in all optimizing, this is more crucial.

Link here to have a problem that how chooses. First choice link should choose (Pr is worth) the retrorse link that the website with tall weight becomes you. The way station that just built especially. If have value of a Pr,tall station is taking you. You can be indexed a few days sincere place is collected by search.

Be not what be not reason in person of course, pr is worth tall website how to can link me, besides if the rubbish that your station does, the website that links you reversely still has the risk of authority be fallinged, so this also is the issue that seeks a link to be bothered most.

Tell a Seo mix inside course of study secret. Now domestic Seo exists with atelier form mostly. Their Seo is optimized besides what use a few everybody to know or can outside the arrive Seo knowledge of search, retrorse link is taking the website that relies on them to year in year out is optimized or be built namely you, make fast violent wind rises your website.

Attention, after the website is built, do not busy first optimize, want to index to search earnest entrance is referred first.

After be being referred, optimize again, when referring, do not want anxious, some people may be referred today, search will not arrive tomorrow, refer again next. Refer for many times also can bring about what search index sinceres is impatient, do not have what advantage to collecting you as soon as possible instead. The likelihood that I know Baidu is to was referred in January. much what to suffer to punish me not to know, but not quite good after all. Refer for many times bring a large number of repetition redundant data, bring earnest to compare allergy.

Have a content problem that is a website again

Content had better be achieved formerly, if you are collected,come, also want to pass oneself treatment, do not move copy word for word formerly, copy what should also copy to there is a level? Alter already can your flexible language composes forging ability, also can deepen your impression. What is there against it.

The novice just built a station I have two advice

1.Do not have an insatiable desire for much demand perfection, some people just built warm blood of the one antrum when the website, what can do is all do. What piece together rectifies is quite painstaking. This cannot be taken. You are tired do not say, the person that browse is tiredder. They won’t come again. Content is serious the thing that smashs your place to want sale. Want to be able to move the heart of the person that browse.

2. insists to be updated everyday. Must update every day. The person that browse often rambles, the flow that increased you does not say, search indexes earnest also likes such website most. Always want to have a process that grows slowly with the person. Accord with the basic rule that the thing develops.

I type slow. Fasten anxious. Urged me to be unable to call to mind. My teaching materials.

Google exceeds Baidu to the attention of retrorse link.

But collect the most complete still is Yahoo. The word outside the problem.

When linking, had better not put home page. Can have special one page link, link of this one page can become a link in home page.

The link weight that puts a page inside wants a few taller. Had not dogged, everybody is available try.

The link of a page is not too much. Google admits 100 links of a page only. much also be trashy.

Little knowledge, the keyword seeks authority when the link is bad to search. We can analyse our competitor retrorse link, li of input searchs in Baidu: Link: ? ?

To others leave a message board leave a message explore a link, can keep website name so

Website name

Website name, address, application and expensive station friendship join

Everybody also can build rich guest to publicize his way station first. Make full use of the condition that everything can use.

Baidu takes the domain name seriously quite, domain name phoneticize and key word are same discharge advanced face more easily commonly. But the domain name is to be able to be encountered cannot beg. Encounter this kind of situation, we can change only inside the file name of the page and key word phoneticize are consistent. Or with English the interpreter agrees (treat English to stand) .

Again for say website speed

If your website rate is too slow, I have been to the station of the pocket, slow a nuisance. Too slow search, search robot did not go patientlily at all patronage. Reduced your information content thereby. After letting you discharge. If the server is very slow. The proposal changes a space.

Still have problem of weight of a page. Everybody does a station to be linked commonly or optimize home page. Only home page has weight. Cannot take so. Once home page gets,penalize. Whole station suffers embroil, thed loss outweights the gain, when the proposal is linked, want balanced, we let every page impossibly have weight, but important page always wants to have

Often update your important page, if flexible language strength is real not strong, change a picture to always be met. While the picture adds Alt explanatory note, change a picture. The website that also can let search index earnest understands you is updated very fast. Very good very powerful. Take you seriously to just can recommend you.

Discuss issue of one dirty fraud finally

Some optimizes the person that be engaged in to often adopt black hat trick to cater to the need of consumer. Forgetting to optimize is to bring substantial profit to the client. is not discharge. Row the first. Did not clinch a deal in sheet a fart is used. Do not let a client lose the faith to Seo. This is a lot of websites those who optimize is good, and clinch a deal bad reason.