Shari Thurow talks about a search friendly design is basic principle

On May 25, the whole world searchs engine strategy plenary session to be held in Xiamen, shari Thurow of chief inspector of Grantastic Designs sale publishs an address, talk about a search friendly design is basic principle.

Full text makes a speech for its under:

We are in 6 weeks of our meetings will have a findings report to will be released henceforth come out, I hope everybody understands a bit, it is the development person that myself also is a website, and the development that I still am in charge of concerning encode, and the doctor’s degree that myself still won encode development and each respect, I have this side very rich experience, of course, the content that I should interpret to everybody a little while is not the experience of myself individual, I know, you are present each idea that has oneself, that is to say a webpage should be what kind of, what I tell to everybody a little while is the research with my serious course, no matter be the still handles a side research of academia, interpret this content to everybody from my research. I know the everybody that be present, our industry searchs engine to Internet or have a few misunderstanding, I tell search engine after all to should follow a what kind of principle to everybody first. Everybody knows, if if you want to see the word of the website, you see a website impossibly only, the likelihood is searched is a few websites, the likelihood is the problem of various culture respects, still have various languages, so everybody should understand a bit, what kind of principle should be followed when we design us to search engine.

What we should notice above all is, we should carry various titles very well. This is the website of an England, beautiful money of this England website is a website that becomes 1 million dollars, you from here can buy various products. Do you know? If if you buy the word of the product, plant completely according to this the word of mode, the likelihood looks very random, but if wanting to buy a product really, must want to have such a lot of news, but such website is no good. A bit more additional, I want to emphasize, a moment ago website is not to say very successful. Above all what everybody should notice is you the mainest target group is what kind of, above all language how, your language color how, your information condenses degree how, these things are very important. Besides, still have a bit, that is to say, if people wants to know your news, above all the key word that you want to have these very well retrieval, such, I am told how to be designed to everybody a little while, go up in your website namely, you how whole website or the layout of the page is done reasonably, the person that how lets search your website looks to be able to hold information. This is very important, this is the friendly sex that how realizes your interface. A lot of companies spent a lot of money on search engine, does everybody know? If you want to do this website first-rately, such likelihoods everybody is willing to be here put an advertisement, want to build a first-rate user interface above all, this is the basiccest principle, namely of the search of text these are what kind of, be in charge of is all sorts of languages, no matter be new content or old content, want to follow such principle. Must get literal link first-rately, premise is an user is friendly meet. I am not the statement that says to ask you use market sale, either, the key is for instance everybody goes up Baidu search later, everybody should see you final search comes out what thing, if your webpage is done first-rately, but search does not go a thing to come, was used namely?

So, you want an all written languages, if the character that likes you is put, final likelihood is random. Do not be in charge of you to write how many word, so the most important is after all these key word that you put can contact the content of your website, the degree of the link that so you establish how, this is very important. Still have a bit, on your website, I do not know you notice, an usability company, design in the website above all when, what you decide above all is you of this target suffer numerous it is what kind of person. Such, knew their preference only, so the design that you just can design those pair of users have profit, if this link was not done first-rately, after they see this website, after the portal website that enters you, can see these key word, first-rate perhaps content, can capture eyeball, do not wish to leave finally, one looks, this is very serious problem.

So, you want, if who should arrive after your website, you want to let a family understand what content, must want to they saw the think of a way that your website is not willing, such wanting that add link ability to do the website first-rately. Have again, must let an user want the key word with you namely as far as possible coincide. Accordingly, you see this piece of picture now, there are a lot of key words inside this piece of graph, I ask a question now, can be first-rate information provided by the side of here? You saw URL structure be here, all parameter structures have, the function of navigation also has, so inside also have a few pictures, have the map of our website here, this also is very important. Must have map of a website so. Some time may be not proper must put here, it is OK also to be put in other place. These local that is to say can have various links again with other place. So the fore-and-aft search that this interface can let an user understand him can see what kind of content.

Good, this is one a sensational case. So after if your webpage is built,rising, whether can everybody leave very deep impression? See here, having a few places is the place that can be activationed, these places can leave very deep impression to him actually. What we put is certain if can be brought,have an user those who take seriously. Downward deep we look, with respect to this webpage, I once also did the investigation of usability and test, the question that everybody answers is to say, what this website installs is first-rate.

Still have a level additionally so, this website whether provide enough information? After knowing this news, whether can the someone call to be contacted with you, do business? Did you see? If a webpage wants very long word, should have roll for certain, I want to put the most serious content most above, need not make everybody sufficient use roll, can invite an audience if the first eyeball sees this thing, everybody is OK and direct downward deep one is searched again, do not put serious content most below, I also passed the test of user usability. I do that is to say of a conclusion, your website must want to be able to be mixed the sex of full and accurate that classifies information, your structure, and link, key word these respects are first-rate, only such ability make your search gets best result.

Of course, content wants dependency inside the link stronger. Besides, you should have made concerned news as far as possible, such ability are OK. Thank everybody!