Share: Influence website collects the 45 elements summary of the rank

Core clew: The search is optimized is the sale shift with individual the most commonly used stationmaster, but whether had done really to oneself website optimize, some stationmaster are punch-drunk however. So the website that checks you according to the article please.

In-house element (15)

1, the keyword appears in URL

2, the keyword appears in webpage Title

3, the keyword appears in groovy content

4, the first paragraph in the page in occurrence keyword

5, last paragraphs in the page in occurrence keyword

6, Heading label for instance H1, the keyword appears in H2

7, the keyword appears in the link inside the station

8, of oriented and relevant content derive link

9, derive the keyword appears in the link

10, the keyword appears in picture file name

11, the keyword appears in Alt label

12, the keyword appears in Comment

13, reasonable frequency updates content

14, content props up to search index show the position

15, PR of website structure loop, and rather than sends out PR

Exterior element (20)

1, guide in great quantities link

2, be worth a webpage to obtain from tall PR guide link

3, obtain from relevant content website guide link

4, the webpage that guides the link is pointed to has specific content

5, there is a keyword in anchorage character

6, there is relevant word all round anchorage character

7, in article of anchorage character consist in or sentence

8, guide the time length of the link, guide the existence time of the link has 3-6 commonly month

9, the value prep above of one-way link exchanges a link

10, guide of the page of the link derive the link is less than 100, pour out of a link to had been jumped over lesser

11, the link comes from different IP

12, guide the link increases frequency reasonably

You need the issue that avoid

13, the keyword piles up

14, all anchorage written languages are same

15, use CSS or setting color conceal content, this is guilty of unpardonable evil is big evil

16, use Javascript jumps turn

17, the webpage under identical Ip undertakes commutative a link in great quantities directly

18, bridge page and Cloaking, revulsive search brings the reptile that prop up, this is guilty of unpardonable evil is big evil

19, adult content, banned medicines and chemical reagents, gamble photograph inside Shanghaiguan is allowed

20, content repeats

21, connect to cogged website

22, the majority webpage inside the station has identical webpage Title

23, join Link Farm or criterion Link exchanges kind of website

The problem that avoids as far as possible

24, trends of the existence in the address is variable

25, the website of single picture and Flash

26, the website navigation that makes with Javascript or catalog

27, do website navigation with the picture and do not add ALT label

28, between have too much code

29, existence is too much the content that has nothing to do with website theme

30, guide link be in the majority is bought in the link