Shallow the relation that talks about website weight and search rank

Very stationmaster feels website weight is a rank, actually weight and rank still are distinguishing.

Website weight: Website weight shows the authority of a website. Understandable also those who be a website is famous degree, be like NOKIA well-known company.

Rank: The rank can understand the product that is an enterprise only. The brand with same different product its value is different also, this namely the relation of weight and rank.

Website weight is ranked to the website or having very big concern, the website with a tall weight, the rank of the webpage is high also. What the website search engine with tall weight updates is fast also. If be in with dispatch rich guest the weight of Baidu is very tall, publishing a Bo Wen with dispatch rich guest Baidu of 2 hours left and right sides can be collected.

A lot of stationmaster care about the rank of the homepage only, go up a few keyword platoons through all sorts of methods, although discharge came up, but the rank is not stable, the risk that because such following,is punished by Baidu from time to tome. And if you pay attention to whole station to optimize, carry weight the discharge that come does not think and know, this ability is to grow to for a long time.

Be indexed begin to be about to pay attention to the value of each day existence by search engine from the website. This paragraph of time is like the course that is the same as life, and have record record. If have cogged other perhaps and undesirable effect, so all one’s previous efforts wasted!

Think as to him domain name and do not have what say to certain master in that way, want to was not crossed by K only. Who to meet care about this then without Google for instance rice? Does the success of an enterprise depend on what? Depend on the resource that who mastered place to be engaged in what value has most in the industry first and the pattern that whether it has resource and innovation, the most advanced mode, active right that who won the market, dictate that who is the market. No matter you are engaged in, is what industry, must resource of have the aid of and the end that use advanced mode ability to reach you.

Content is the mainest factor, without content, the website also does not have the meaning of existence.

It is to provide the content of the most accurate high quality to searcher, also be to give a client new idea, why should build a website? Why should do search engine to optimize? I think these also are saying more. Also meet somebody asks an enterprise what the station does not have to need to update commonly, but the rank is higher however, say those who identify website type to search engine is OK so.

The stability of the website, the stability of a website becomes aware the rank that decides a website.

The authority of the website, sincere letter is spent depend on the detailed connection means of the company, phone of copyright specification, company, fax, letterhead waits.

The link of the website this but must, no matter search the algorithm of engine how to change, it is even, change everyday, but link and content forever the most important.

The link of a high quality can be less than the effect to your expect, if be worth tall station link with GOOGLE PR.

Website weight is not equal to a rank, that is to say the importance outclass rank of website weight, the website lives for a long time plan weight outclass rank, how to raise whole station weight and make full use of these weight just are correct path.

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