Shallow the interior that talks about Discuz forum optimizes a function (example demonstrates)

Believe to use the friend of Discuz forum to should know, what Discuz forum optimizes to searching engine still reach the designated position quite. Forum of Discuz6.0 – 7.0 provided this function, land forum tiring-room, in overall situation – optimize a setting, those who optimize a setting can see after entering but part, include to search engine to optimize, head place is optimized, baidu SiteMap.

Search engine to optimize

Namely the URL bogus static state that forum links is optimized, the static state that includes Archiver static state to turn as main as forum page is changed.

Archiver: Namely of forum without plate, can say the map navigation that is forum. Search engine collects this part can say the most quickly; The structure of your forum and content can understand roughly when apace lets search engine spider to call in, suggest the setting is enabled completely, why to install does is from search index propped up or browser visit turn to dynamic page automatically?

One, if install,turn to dynamic page automatically from search engine visit, for instance the user turns to original dynamic page from the address of bogus static state that Baidu collects is visited, such meetings are thought by search engine your forum exists a page exists many addresses, go against collect.

2, when if install use browser,be being visited turn to dynamic page automatically, open a browser to visit your forum when the user for instance, original dynamic page changes direction after clicking address of bogus static state, besides have above besides the a bitth saying malpractice, to Google, go against user visit so.

No matter be the website manager tool of Google or Yahoo, according to inside be carried remind stationmaster apparently, do not optimize to search engine, want convenient user visit to serve as jumping-off place, if your forum lets an user feel very no-go, so the forum that searchs engine to also won’t like you. Anyhow a word, can optimize appropriately, but do not let an user feel your forum sees what describe with place is not so one and the same. The website is optimized also should say sincere letter.

URL static state is changed

Namely the setting of bogus static state of the main page of forum, from above be said, we know, proper static state changes the link address of forum, can the better forum content that lets search engine to collect you.

Title is additional word: Add in the phrase at the back of your forum caption namely, the individual suggests to be in 20 words less than.

Meta Keywords: Namely the keyword of forum, individual proposal is in in keyword control 15 less than. Very regretful nevertheless, occupy an individual to observe, search engine took this keyword seriously to describe no longer now, although was used,can say also effect is not big, proper good.

Meta Description: Describe your forum with a phrase namely, can add than caption the word is a bit a bit longer. No matter be forum or rich guest, if the description is proper, so your forum can discharge advanced face than congener website, although stand newly,organic also meeting discharges Baidu home page. Because search engine to take seriously very much, this bit well consider.

Proposal setting: Card content page and thematic page, forum label page are more important, the proposal is ticked off anthology on. Generally speaking PHP space of abroad supports URL static state to change, need sets.htaccess file, did not describe more here.

Baidu SiteMap

Namely the forum Sitemap setting that Baidu puts forward, this bit of Discuz is done not quite perfectly, for instance Baidu asks this links existence root catalog, but Discuz is not to be put in root catalog, opposite for detail sets a field, still need Discuz at this o’clock to perfect. SiteMap cache period of efficacy suggests the setting is 12-24 hour to be updated, the time that Discuz suggests to be updated in this paragraph, the number of new theme card of forum does not exceed 500. Patchy move is used, the individual thinks the effect is not big.

Example demonstrates

Forum of Chinese of LunarPages Chinese community, LunarPages

Help the Discuz forum that the client installs: LunarPages Chinese community, used domain name is: and Build a station to be less than two months, content is little little and it is the content that reprints other website almost, basically be to stopped to update at present.

The relevant keyword such as community of Chinese of forum of search LunarPages, LunarPages, LunarPages, LunarPages Chinese, discharge in Baidu and Google in home page. Chinese of community of search LunarPages forum, LunarPages, LunarPages is discharged advanced 3. What do this show? The optimizes a function to rise action that is the buy inside Discuz forum completely? ! Not be completely.

LunarPages is business of lead plane space, at present I did not find the community forum that home is base point with LunarPages space communication have a few, but however American lead plane buys on sb’s behalf guest of the website of and so on, rich, forum, much.

Above all, forum caption uniqueness, such word should search the keyword of the forum about you only, often your forum is before leaning. But community of this LunarPages Chinese is a new station, much is to be full of N on the net LunarPages kind the big station of the keyword; Say so, the interior of Discuz forum optimized a function to have decisive effect. After all forum is to be aimed at LunarPages space user, origin is finite.

The 2nd, the keyword that Meta Keywords installs is LunarPages, lunarPages forum, lunarPages Chinese, lunarPages communication

Can say, these a few keywords cannot have what effect, still basically be the following website the description had decisive effect.

The 3rd, the essentials of page of Meta Description forum reachs a description: Provide service of information of LunarPages lead plane, lunarPages lead plane uses the Chinese community forum of communication

Summary, forum caption and optimize a setting in, one word of LunarPages appeared in all 8, can say to optimize matting for forum well, make the account that this forum can push a body to appear in the first page that searchs engine with each big websites, still have a description inside short a very good substance direction that generalized forum and narrate.

Of course, indispensable, your forum must appear appropriately more keyword (be decided by and the keyword that you choose, for instance community of LunarPages forum, LunarPages) , can be in friendship link, edition piece keyword, the position such as theme and card content page, conduce to a keyword optimizing.