Shallow the dynamic URL problem that talks about SEO and optimize

Core clew: The near future is good about website trends still be the static state is good the problem is mentioned afresh again, appear it seems that recently a kind extremely the sound with numerous disagreement, someone says to search engine to be opposite now dynamic page is more friendly.

Believe those SEO thoughts still stay in friends of 7 years, still be in for certain the wanting how to let oneself website of a head became quiet, they included Chongzhongzhi’s serious place this. Tyanbo disapproves of this viewpoint, website page is trends or static state, it is good to come according to the website real purpose requirement decides.

Why does numerous SEO emphasize page static state changing?

Because the engine reptile technology before is not quite perfect,that is, website program is unreasonable and create spider trap intentionally, dead loop is entered when causing creeping index. In view of this kind of circumstance, search engine produces this kind of phenomenon to avoid, reason reduces pair of dynamic URL read take.

Perfect as what search engine, this kind of phenomenon gets basically settlement, gu Ge is planted to this now the capture of dynamic address personal classics is quite successful, baidu is pretty good still also, just remain to strengthen. But, overmuch to those belts environment is variable (Query String) dynamic address still insufficient ideal.

Does the advantage that static page props up friendly respect in search index have how old?

To each engine, static page still has friendly sex more than dynamic URL. But after all does difference have how old? Actually very small. Should narrow this difference, see you can hold inside catenary is politic.

Dynamic URL static state changes: Bogus static state

Dynamic URL is not put in specific file in website catalog, request according to the user however, return the result of the request from inside the database. We are OK a page of condition of Cheng Jing of this process imitate or catalog, it is common bogus static state.

At present a lot of programs of the mainstream support bogus static state, we are OK also according to need, undertake DIY to the program, have corresponding setting to website environment again. Of the Mod_rewrite below Apache rescript module with respect to very can relaxed implementation, windows environment falls to also have Rewrite package. The about this respect tutorial on the net is very much, everybody can be searched, examine relevant data to come true.

Strategy is optimized inside the station of dynamic URL

How to make dynamic URL expression better, put forward from the angle inside the station below 3 points:

1, navigation is very important: The navigation inside perfect station, be helpful for the crawl with efficient Spider. Whole station accomplishs as far as possible: Set out from home page, more significant position, do not click more than 3 times can arrive; The most significant position, should appear to be linked accordingly in home page; When necessary, can make page of navigation of a static state alone.

2, map of the website that make: There should be page of map of a website inside the website above all, will commonly used position becomes a link in this page, the user is OK the fastest understanding website structure, search engine Spider can is opposite efficiently quickly the website is creeping; Next the website map of XML format has applied to Google not only at present, should as far as possible maintain XML map to update; Finally, the proposal makes an URL list (Urllist.html and Urllist.txt) , it is to the website beneficial and hurtless.

3, URL is unified, normative: Does same URL appear many version (like Read.php? Id=1 and Read.php? Id=1page=1) , does same position appear many URL form (like List.php? Companyname=xxx and List.php? Companyid=123) , reach problem of big the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral to wait to be brought about possibly similar page appears in searching engine, affect a website to cite the performance in propping up in the search thereby.

Anyhow, the individual thinks dynamic URL does not compare static page to differ certainly, should optimize only proper, there is good performance likewise in searching engine. And a lot of can or when had better using dynamic program (wait for the site with alternant very strong sex like system of forum, order) , do not have necessary and sedulous requirement to generate HTML, or page of make it static state.