Shallow talk about the 10 big factors that affect exterior link weight

Of the website outside catenary is the place that each stationmaster pays close attention to most all the time, every day post, become a link, in the final analysis thinks the catenary outside increasing is counted namely, raise a rank. Undeniable, it is at present in Baidu and Google, place of the catenary outside the website holds weight or be not what often weigh. But we if all sorts of characteristics of weight of the catenary outside anatomize and understanding, have the outside make catenary of specific aim thereby, get half the result with twice the effort of that effect nature. I am arranged below, combine some of example, listed at 10 o’clock element:

1. links key word and its specification

When normally we become a link, need regards a link as the character specific key word, perhaps contain key word in linking a character. Be like, novel net, the novel reads a net, talk feeling novel net. Very regretful is, at present a lot of stationmaster did not understand SEO, outside in catenary character, it is to use him website this most the name of an unexpected winner. This is kind of huge waste.

2. links the position in existence page

From the top down, from left arrive right, this order is the order of a lot of things, this also is travelled together to be used in searching engine to optimize by a lot of SEO, think the link weight of page upper part is taller than the weight of lower part. It is detail this bit. For instance your rich guest, as far as possible the area the link piece shift arrives left on, the weight nature that delivers then is a lot of taller. A lot of moment, detail decides success or failure.

PageRank of page of 3. link place is worth namely PR

PR is taller, opposite for the link is more valuable. This applies to crucial point word likewise among the rank, below coequal condition, the site with tall PR may be discharged in more the position before leaning. Nevertheless eye comes round to say, the effect of PR is less and less, almost negligible. To the website of pursuit discharge and rank, seek the link of tall PR hard, far be inferior to go after Baidu snapshot to update frequent, collect much low PR site.

4. links site weight

Link the integral weight problem in the website namely, normally the circumstance falls, portal website > industry website > professional website > common website > company website. . . . . . Existence so from concern to little weight greatly, so sometimes although your link is in of portal website inside page, compare the home page value in common website likely also tall, its link is more valuable, reason is already apparent. Here has a bit to need to notice, lift an example: ? Xi fade Ju Huansan conceives a Yu of Qu of  of 5 angry chaste tree army Xiao Ite: , whether is the home page that reads the other side the first, because show the weight that outer catenary delivers, be page and page deliver. The station of the other side again how good, if Site is less than his home page, explain this page weight is low perhaps be punished, of this kind of circumstance outside catenary, the loss outweights the gain.

The means that 5. links

The means of the link has a lot of, the character is linked > the picture is linked > JS link. . . . . Normally the circumstance falls, literal link is best, if have,become picture link, that is for integral page purely beautiful, ah, specification of ALT character label had better be added when doing a picture to link, do not recommend JS kind link, this can be indexed prop up capture by search rarely, hackneyed theme talked again.

6. links existence time

What does the time length that links existence have to affect to SEO, a lot of people want not to understand, the truth is very actually simple, what some search index props up pair of your sites is newer very slow, it is GOOGLE extremely to exterior link update, 3 months, if your exterior link time is less than 3 months, your link basically is done in vain. If engine is newer to your site very fast, update every day almost, the link that you had become is very fast can by engine capture, this is meddlesome of course, but if you spend paragraph of time,the link cancelled, discovery is nonexistent when search engine is updated again, this blank is not quite good. Take these links seriously so, if the other side now and then occurrence snapshot is updated wait for other small issue slow, need not be eager to take out, can observe 9 days more, it is one big loss otherwise.