Shallow discuss musical website how to do SEO to optimize

The SEO of musical website is optimized still is simpler relatively. The name of each song is a keyword, it is OK to be returned by song name again extend the meaning gives keyword of a lot of long end. The give an example that beg Buddha is taken here, beg Buddha one day to have search of 2200 much people, from this the keyword returned extend the meaning to give song to try the Buddha, lyric that beg Buddha, beg Buddha to try listen, the Mp3 that beg Buddha, etc. If where,return below the premise of the rank that ensures it is better to beg Buddha to obtain can these long end keywords can consult above give attention to two or morethings the practice of 1ting, inside Baidu search for Buddha, the platoon is the 3rd.

Still having special name besides song name also is the keyword that can be optimized and brings discharge, a few old special are likely one talent has a few individual searches, the long remaining part that but this is long end,says inside theory, the search quantity of these old special adds up the likelihood wants to be more than the search of those new special to measure far.

Still have a star + special, star + the form of song also is a keyword, for instance Zhang Xueyou special has 270 right-and-left searches one day to measure, zhang Xueyou song also has 400 much searches one day to measure, with the search of special of this conjectural Liu Dehua the quantity also won’t be differred, if can these stars + special great majority is done, should obtain good rank partly among them only and bringing discharge also is quite considerable then.

What still can do besides the keyword above is a star + new song, for instance Lin Junjie new song also has 160 one day the person will search.

Had the understanding above to be able to begin to did website structure to engineer, it is OK that flying fish thinks to give priority to a line with the star the keyword above all include. Zhang Xueyou is taken to be here exemple, we need to do Zhangxueyou.html of a page, the Title of this page can be: Zhang Xueyou song | Zhang Xueyou special, the content of Zhangxueyou.html is piece of special list that stable-companion all through the ages publishs. A page still needs to make piece of stable-companion new song below this word, this should do list of a new song to link Zhangxueyou.html next only can. Can nod in every special of Zhangxueyou.html go in, special page is after going in, what this page does is special name key word, the song list of corresponding special is on this page, individual song page is after the dot goes in, what this page does is song name key word. Such structure is planning program when good with respect to the program, if website had gone up the program structure before the line needs take into consideration the circumstances to be adjusted.

Above is a bit result that I optimize to musical website, insufficient place welcomes everybody to point out, I learn the rich guest of SEO to welcome everybody discussion communication.