Shallow a few methods that talk about setting of website key word

Does key word install skill how much do you know? How to search key word to bring discharge to our website?

(1) relevant key word

This everybody is not fathomless, because each engine provided reference to everybody. Baidu, yahoo, gu Ge has relevant search, and Yahoo still has a popular search, the relevant term with indication commonly used near future. Everybody is OK relevant key word the word classification as the website column. As classification column advantage is to be able to highlight key word, let other inside the page is auxiliary, and can be inside the website appear reasonably for many times. The friend of a bit imperceptible heart can discover, relevant content is not had in page of a lot of moment, the key word because of classified column and search is same, appear in search result however.

(2) wrong key word

When some users use search engine, stemming from the key word that inputs innocently is wrong, stationmaster of a lot of websites often discusses this issue, this is a little skill. How reasonable apply ability to have effect? Affecting website whole figure to fall, we can make a few relevant pages more, appear a few times in caption and content. As to the choice what key word becomes wrong key word, this should be decided according to him site.

(3) core key word

As long as it is stationmaster should the core key word that can speak oneself. Nevertheless proposal stationmaster does not want him overmeasure ability. Some friends added my QQ to ask, how to think handle machine optimizes the first page to do? I persuade you or save time come out. Because of a lot of popular key word already by a few authoritative sites or forestall of Baidu contest price. Nevertheless you can choose other relevant doing core key word. For instance mobile phone game, mobile phone picture is waited a moment.

(4) rare key word

You are OK oneself the website content according to oneself, search a few relevant, but the key word that is used rarely. Although this kind of flow that key word brings is very little, nevertheless the rank goes up easily, perhaps a page, after be being collected can discharge that day in the first page. A few more compensatory relevant page is compared make all the time rubbish page can bring discharge more. Stand to a few places especially, for industry station, this is a better method.

(5) grows end key word

Seo lover should have certain knowledge to growing end theory. Convenient user finds long end key word quickly the content that oneself need. Everybody chooses to grow end key word, cannot undertake according to oneself search habit. Want to consider major user above all, analyse them how to be searched commonly, just can decide next and your website content most the long end key word that accord with word. Everybody does not want oversight to grow end key word the action of the word, especially commercial site. Such discharge is the most valuable.