Series of SEO introduction book: Of the website collect a problem

The webpage collects a problem

1. The website that how lets me (independent net stand or Blog) be collected by Baidu?

* Baidu can collect the website that accords with an user to search an experience and webpage.
* is make the discovers you site with Baidu faster Spider, you also can refer the entrance network address of your website to us. Referring an address is: / Search/url_submit.html. You need to submit home page only can, need not submit detailed content page.
The webpage of * Baidu collects a mechanism, concern with webpage value only, with contest price the commercial element such as the rank does not have any correlation.

2. The webpage that how lets me is collected by Baidu?

* Baidu follows agreement of search engine Robots strictly (detailed content, refer to request processing.

3. Why the webpages of a few does not establish a link illicit close sex inside my website, it is the webpage that needs to visit attributive even, can be you also collected by Baidu?

* Baidu Spider is right the capture of the webpage, come true through the link between webpage and webpage.
The link type between * webpage, besides the page link of site interior, still have the mutual link between different website. Accordingly, certain webpage even if passes your website interior link to cannot be visited, but, if there is the link that points to these pages on the website of others, so these pages or meeting are collected by search engine place.
The visit attributive of * Baidu Spider, telling an user with general is same. Accordingly, average user does not have the content that attributive visits, spider also does not have attributive visit. Look certain visit attributive to restrict content to be collected by Baidu, the reason has at 2 o’clock:
A. When Spider is visited, this content is being limitted without attributive, but after capture, the attributive of content produced change
B. This content has attributive restriction, but as a result of problem of website safety flaw, bring about an user to be able to be visited directly through certain and special method. And once such method is announced,go up in Internet, criterion Spider is worn with respect to meeting abide this method is caught suffer be restricted content
* if you do not hope these illicit are close sexual content is collected by Baidu, can try to restrict through Robots agreement on one hand; On the other hand, also can contact to undertake settlement.

4. Why can my webpage disappear from inside Baidu search result?
* Baidu does not promise all webpages to be able to be searched from Baidu.
* if your webpage cannot be searched for long from Baidu, disappear suddenly perhaps from inside the search result of Baidu, possible reason has:
A. Your website is in a server to be not stabilized, by Baidu provisionality purify; After stability, the problem can get settlement
B. Your webpage content has the place that does not accord with state law and code to set
C. Your webpage does not accord with the search of the user to experience
D. Other technical problem
The view under * is wrong with what be without a basis:
A. Participated in Baidu contest price to rank but not add cost, can disappear from inside Baidu search result
B. Participated in the advertisement project of other search engine, can disappear from inside Baidu search result
C. Produced competition with the website below Baidu banner, can disappear from inside Baidu search result
D. The flow that obtains from Baidu is too large, can disappear from inside Baidu search result

5. What kind of webpage can be considered as to there is value by Baidu and be what kind of webpage can be considered as to there is value by Baidu and collected by Baidu or to what kind of webpage can be considered as to there is value by Baidu and be what kind of webpage can be considered as to there is value by Baidu and collected by Baidu or disappear from inside existing search result?
* Baidu collects Baidu to think only valuable webpage. Any webpages take change mediumly in the search as a result, it is the result that machine algorithm is calculated and adjusts. The webpage of undermentioned type, baidu won’t welcome clearly:
A. The webpage did a lot of processing that are aimed at user of search engine and rather than, make the content that the user sees from inside searching a result and page actual content is completely different, perhaps make the webpage obtained impertinent rank in searching a result, bring about user generation to get beguiling feeling thereby.
If have in your website more this kind of page, so this may make the page of your whole website is collected be affected with sort.
B. The webpage is the content of the high repeatability that duplicates to go up from Internet.
C. There is the content that does not accord with Chinese law and code in the webpage.

6. If my website because of cogged behavior disappear from inside Baidu search result, whether to still have be collected afresh likelihood?
* always makes complete amendatory website, organic meeting is collected afresh by Baidu. Baidu can is opposite regularly be undertaken be assessmented automatically by processing site, right the person that accord with a condition is collected afresh.
What * needs to explain is, baidu technology and product branch search an experience to be in charge of to the user only. The following view is wrong with what be without a basis:
A. The advertiser that I become Baidu is allied perhaps website, can be collected afresh
B. I give Baidu a certain number of money, can be collected afresh
C. I know the so-and-so of Baidu, can be collected afresh

7. My website was updated, how can you be the content that Baidu collects has not done newlier?
* Baidu can update all webpages automatically regularly (include take out to be linked to death, newer domain name changes, newer content changes) . Because this asks the period of time such as patience, the change on your website can is aware of by Baidu and amend.