SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin talks about a search to optimize

On May 25, the whole world searchs engine strategy plenary session to be held in Xiamen, SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin talks about a search to optimize, it is speech full text below:

Thank all people that sponsor the conference, because this meets us can come to China, also be first-rate opportunity. In the past two weeks in the center, of China inspect an activity went Xi’an saw military forces tomb figure, also went to Beijing, visited the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, still went to Shanghai, shanghai is a startling city, arrive from farthermost ancient time newest contemporary, this we come to Xiamen, also saw the auditorium that fills enthusiasm, ask everybody a question above all, basically be be aimed at Chinese market optimize the word with sale to ask raise one’s hand, be Chinese market ask raise one’s hand, if think China of base oneself upon, go to the whole world the word of sale, ask raise one’s hand. Say us so today is introversion, extroversion is balanced quite. So in China we also have a few application about the search. After a while we can discuss. Everybody looks to a few places may show bad. Do you like this? We want to introduce a few keywords, this is a very serious content, the search is optimized, search the common theme of sale whole world, everybody knew to appear a few problems always are not solved, I want to see keyword search study these targets first. I also offer a few data, to the result of a few analysises of SEO, the circumstance that visits among occurrence discharge, everybody can see certain word suffers undesirable, I from can get a few what kind of get one’s own back, from in the center can see the what commercial opportunity that we cannot see so.

Next we are OK can develop a few business according to a particularly technical search term, have a few flow, also be a work that everybody can do. We go to this one that is to say change, a person visited a keyword, visited your website, how ability translate into Where is your client? It is a changed problem so. So here we also were to track SEO market in the center change the problem of rate, every time says a person goes buy or considering bought word, we can stick a label to him, undertake tracking an analysis. Can see from here, when a few people undertake an analysis, the person that has 34% came true to change finally. So this is to say the quality of this discharge is quite tall actually, advertising effect is first-rate. This also is the thing that everybody can be done, the word that what search there is can bring the greatest value? Content and competitive information, that is to say, I may look on the website of the competitor to me, which search of a few is being aimed at on the website that sees him. Next, such word, this information collect later, next can interiorly has analysis, research, can combine our in-house search tool, we can discover, so this is a very big business chance, when we plan in what have content and be being founded, also can be done according to this, because our competitor also was done. We reveal a tool to everybody again here, there is a SEO here so, this is the webpage with American the most popular SEO, research the white book of SEO at that time, this word is searched, such blank that we see one studies, it is us additionally these data that a moment ago viewed are first-rate, these data thereby and come? A few advertisement work is to come from what prop up working itself at search index. We can visit Google, everybody sees left is Google, next the data that the word of right is Yahoo, everybody can see very different data, yahoo has a first-rate number, these numbers are not fixed special and accurate, can say error is very big even. So, why should we use these numbers? That is to say, the number of Google also is about the same, google has a few little lists, these small tables may be bad to understand. We basically are to want to be able to know certain word at this point, other perhaps word is more welcome. Not be to say this platoon arrived so the first, do I see flow how many? 30 thousand. I say sit back and wait 30 thousand people will visit, he is less than this degree accurately occasionally, but telling you this at least is a welcome word, still have the research tool of tripartite, also dog namely a few other keywords, here also has a few first-rate tools. (Slide) these are absorbing professional tool. We should understand them although these tools are good, but does his data come from at where? He is Euramerican a very welcome tool, resemble word MSN of China, or SINA, other places are likely Yahoo ah wait data a moment to offer square, namely from service business here offer, from constant error is not for accuracy, but still be pretty good comparatively.

Still have a bit so, what I should tell with everybody is, google, you see this, this is Chinese of simplified edition be in Beijing, Shanghai, you can look, the total flow that searchs in Beijing is a few morer, different leftover bits and pieces showed different region, have Hong Kong, Taiwan these areas, the tool that everybody often uses is special the tool that uses in Chinese place is such tool, I am discussing a such issues from beginning to end inside these two days, china present metabolic dispute Chang Zhi is big, and the tool that China still does not have tripartite now, it is what kind of that these can understand China’s overall trend through their trend. No matter be China, South America,I think, still be the United States, they also undertook comparative to these areas model research, we can understand the keyword that they use on different website is what kind of after all. If want to understand them the method of whole search, still can undertake through other way.

So I think, if everybody wants to want truly to understand each website, e.g. key word, perhaps search a result, the term result that waits other side a moment is what kind of, want to look for professional personage to consider, good, will tell now search latent capacity in-housely about digging us, everybody must notice, also must have produced your effect in yourself’s website. No matter be the thing with the other perhaps data of SEO. We must want the resource inside him website integrated later also be first-rate a practice. I am told to everybody again now, about using a keyword namely natural language, the target that searchs naturally namely group, when everybody is choosing a keyword, want to have a look, after all the URL that you use is what kind of, the text file of your whole is what kind of, and the title of each your webpage is what kind of, these things follow key word is close together and relevant, this city meat animal that we are called key word actually, I do not say specific idea, that is to say, inside engine of a search, pron yourselves may have a few key word, use this key word, does everybody know? Pron yourselves has a total website, have a webpage, there still is different layer below, there still is different webpage inside each layers, these also may have these words inside the webpage, these words have all sorts of links possibly also, issue you likely the thing of face website is reduplicative thing is knocked came out, but truly useful problem does not come out certainly, this also is a problem, be opposite so for everybody, take a problem seriously, when that is to say is undertaking searching, want to want concerned key word to do well, I am told to everybody again now check this problem about paying fee. Everybody may is faced with now so a problem, it is to use these free ad after all, still pass what click and collect fees namely with those so a kind of advertisement, these two are very crucial question, when I think you are having the choice of key word, scarcely should let conflict of this two respects rise, the money that that is to say spends cannot be spent in vain, the problem of alleged intelligence key word, everybody wanted, no matter be in anyplace, want to begin professional work, no matter be in the United States or China, that is to say of a problem that everybody is faced with jointly, e.g. business begin and the promotion of the product, saw this? Do you know? With respect to that together, it is Chinese market, this is very main market, and can expand ceaselessly in the future and increase. If you also can use intelligence of this kind of so called key word choose this kind of method, can make the share that China holds the market bigger and bigger. If when I want to have, may real authority wants to search, perhaps want to understand the word of a lot of things of Chinese, through searching engine to be able to be accomplished completely, people can not arrive China to come certainly.

We built collaboration to concern with a lot of companies now, so cooperate e.g. we and company of a travel, next did you see? We had their content optimizing, choose to have 10 probably next many key word, after choosing 10 many key word, this 10 many key word can reach their area inside a lot of key word, we realized a network to search a platoon to go to the first, that is to say we can provide various optimized services to everybody.

Good, I provide a few tools to everybody, and also can offer document of a few reading to everybody, you can have a look seriously, OK and serious research studies, can optimize the network of pron yourselves so, occasionally I also know you are read without so much time, of course a few professional personages also can be read. What problem does everybody have? If the problem can be carried with me, also can send email to me, good, thank everybody!