SEOer people meaningless concern

SEOer is in everyday think a lot of index in order to safeguard current success, when having among them is can need not too worry about:

Is taller Pagerank better?

In SEO this industry just appears when, everybody goes up to Google toolbar be called Pagerank green strip to having abiding and eager attention. Know why? Because original Google is complete,come according to the discretion of Pagerank of sort.

Went a few years, what is today’s Pagerank?

Pagerank still means something, but do not be opposite please it is too infatuate, vacate time to do a few things that should do more, the website that is oneself for instance increases 1 page to achieve content formerly.

Suffer the viewpoint interference of other SEOer

There is many technical flexible language on Internet, they are not to want to help you solve a problem, share knowledge, their target has only: It is flexible language.

We had encountered a lot of friends that just enter SEO industry, see an article casually, be about to learning the practice inside to do improve. Tell candidly, if you are an assiduous reading person, the number that then you are affected by others everyday should is more than 10.

The doohickey in SEO is far than you the imagination must want to be gotten less much, believe oneself are bit more please, do not want to be controlled easily.
Make clear oneself target, day after day tries hard conscientiously, SEO job needs to hold to for a long time.

Care Baidu, Google, Yahoo overly

Often see the article that discusses algorithm of Baidu, Google, Yahoo respectively, like seeming to must say them to just appear quite professional apart. Yes, if a website is OK,win stable rank seat in engine of 3 big searches, we admit this is very marvellous. But, every algorithmic difference that searchs engine is very big, adjust here for Baidu, adjust for Google over there, these are inefficient labor expended the time with many SEOer. Why be the person that browse to adjust? Why to adjust for consumer?

The algorithm that is search engine everyday adjusts this to adjust that, drop the visit of the person that browse as screen, left search engine spider to calculate the limits of authority that browse only.

Beyond the mark afraid rank glides

Make clear please a bit: Search engine result arranges order changing ceaselessly. Resemble logion Human Make Mistakes same, search Engine Rankings Change is the life of SEOer likewise.

Countless new websites are in everyday on line, countless old websites are in everyday shut; New information is included by Internet ceaselessly, new SEO campaign is being performed everyday.
If pay close attention to many target keyword everyday,the rank is met really you tired bad, change an end please, go dedicated oneself business, business.

Squeeze into Dmoz desperately

Does Dmoz have to your business how old help? Whether does Dmoz remain the same to SEO effective? SEO grooms the center thinks of Dmoz brilliant had been in the past when, we do not need again why is think hard collected by it.

Ask not wrong understanding, we did not say Dmoz does not have action. In fact Dmoz still is catalog of classification of a when every SEOer is worth to cost time to refer open mode, but after you must remember referring Dmoz, forget this thing.

Your website is collected to be a honorable thing by Dmoz. If was not collected, irrespective, you had played this game, can play next year again, anyhow does not want too serious.

To Alexa (or similar seniority) fussily

Pay close attention to Alexa(A Lai’s guest overly to scatter, do not read A please guest this) it is whole world website advocate common fault. Yes, we also can watch the Alexa news of own website now and then, but this is to see the discharge history trend of the website nevertheless just although show data is from what installed Alexa toolbar the user must come only.

The website that the data that Alexa provides can tell ourselves is in whether did period of time have progress at present. But with need not glide because of exponential data impatient? Complete need not, emphasize again, the data of Alexa must come from the user that installed Alexa toolbar merely.

Actually still a lot of want to say, for instance: Do not want excessive to beg search engine to rank the first, do not worry to be linked to ask a two ear to be not heard by who have nothing to do the SEOer of the thing.

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