SEOer develops 5 cage in the process

I was written before half an year " a few level of Chinese SEOer, which kinds do you belong to? " hind, many friends add my QQ to say to help them know them level. Today this " 5 cage in SEOer development process " , it is to record KYW to be on SEO road actually, the process with mature intelligence. The hope can is opposite annals draws lessons from action at having in the friend that before going up, SEO road goes.

The KYW psychological change in different period is below (the article says mentation, do not say SEO technology) .

The first cage: When just contacting SEO

Psychological feature:

1.Curiosity: Of full world look for SEO tutorial, want to understand more.

2.Excited: After seeing some of tutorial, feel SEO is not mysterious, the tutorial looks to understand, psychology says: Not difficult, because this meeting reads rife article at a heat, successive and better day, see an article be not carried out only.

Kyw looks round: After-thought this paragraph of day, what the article looks is much really, but those who remember is very few, can precipitate those who come down to be used actually is fewer. Breakfast practice, the meeting is better.

The 2nd cage: When the first case does not know the rank that it is what still does not go up

Psychological feature:
1.Confused: The first case of KYW is, at that time according to the tutorial, after using the method that can optimize, update every day, thinking a rank to be able to rise. But 2 months went, the rank still is in 50 above, at this moment confused, say in the heart: How to return to you can be optimized? .

2.Anxious: Begin to seek relevant case, begin to be in forum ask a question.

Kyw looks round: This phase, lack is actually patient, periodic to the rank do not understand caused be at a loss, hurry-scurry. Actually can need not such, patient newer website is OK. Additional, this period, the concept of the catenary outside adding is very weak still, also do not know the catenary outside how be being added.

The 3rd cage: When encountering group of hair software

Psychological feature:

1.Curiosity: Full world looks for group of hair software, understand black hat SEO.

2.Depend on feeling: After once you use group of hair,software has successful case, you will be very big to the dependence of black hat, begin every day group hair, not beautiful time sees white hat technology, oneself SEO technology also reachs backwater not before.

Kyw looks round: In those days group of hair software that I use be " all-pervasive sale defeats solution edition " , there is a TB inside group the function of hair. The nature after finding is very excited, group sent a day. The following day, open all-pervasive sale as before, begin hair hair, look at above clang group of clang hair records, I involved software suddenly after a few seconds, uninstall software to delete all-pervasive sale thoroughly then. The matter that such doing has 2: (I once had deleted demon animal, grand so square, run run calorie of Ding Che)

1.I realize my change: Trashy group my computer before hair, be in with respect to bubble ZAC, old in the rich guest such as stone of black, dot, read a large number of study in great quantities. But after using group of hair, control the sort of dependence very hard to feel, group send, your dialogue cap with respect to throw the helve after the hatchet, do not have the mood to treat the rich customer that those SEO ace keep, and mix SEO technology group of hair drew equal-sign.

2.Software efficiency is low: Group hair also very be fed up with, the machine of lane is very slow, and successful rate is too low.

The 4th cage: Face development chance

Psychological feature:

1.Self-confident: Look for you to seek advice when ceaseless somebody, when the client asks to serve, self-confidence begins to build.

2.Puerile: Face cooperative chance, what you can consider is very few, begin to carry out immediately, do not have thorough research.

Kyw looks round: This phase, also be ranked in my rich guest and person energy of life begins to climb when rising, head of client, hunt, lover around move you. This phase is full of self-confidence proud even, feel SEO can cooperate with any industries, begin electronic business affairs, prospective future is bright. If you look for KYW collaboration to begin electronic business affairs in this phase, my instantly can agree, begin to draft a contract, build a website. The project of KYW consideration collaboration of this period is much, what the respect such as the partner’s bearing considers is little.

The 5th cage: Face coin

Psychological feature:

1.Mature: When somebody asks to cooperate or serving, I consider moral quality of the other side to go in, won’t be eager to spreading out collaboration.

2.Calm: After be being carried out through a large number of SEO, face the problem on all SEO technologies, collect for example drop it is very normal that the rank loses a sense, do not no hurry unbearably because be opposite,undertake mixing observing.

3.Gentle: Face the profit that the project brings, you have your consideration to distributing kind, it is to abandon partner, still continue does deepness cooperate?

Kyw looks round: If you are opening net inn to earning money with associate now, must not have the idea below please:

1.I create website flow, I can have broken away from copartner.

2.Also I create website profit, when signing cooperative agreement at that time, the profit above allocates should I should ask more.

If you have the idea above, and twining you everyday, KYW does not value such partner.