SEO website optimizes 5 want data

Want to search next SEO to serve you to be able to see only now, a lot of service business are providing service of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) , be white hat type a little (White Hat) , namely in the will improve you website quality of the quadrature in compasses, also be black hat type a little (Black Hat) , the loophole that uses search ask engine namely will promote search for a rank, and already more than now enterprise needs to undertake SEO, also need even tribal settle or live in a strange place SEO to pull carry the person is angry, to SEO accordingly a variety of ideas appear whether correctly very important, if the idea to SEO is insufficient correct and misapplication look be like ability of effective SEO of black hat type two, paid price may let you cry not to come out.

Explain with respect to the 5 gist always of SEO first, and these elemental each other are exterior and interior and mutual influence, because this is impossible,undertake SEO only in the light of single element.

(1) webpage index – different search ask engine can use different webpage index, among them relatively familiar to the ear can the AlexaRank of the PageRank that the webpage index of detailed is Google in the main and Alexa, the Backlink in the engine of ask of webpage existence search that is you additionally or Inlink amount.

(2) net domain name says – net region name is significant, suffixal the effect that calls the accident that registers time metropolis influence SEO to why reach net domain name, for example for boat engine website, basically come so that actor or actress than, compares dominant position, and carry on to had registered name of long net region to be compared new registered coming must undertake SEO easily, if you use tribal case to serve offerred net region name, also need to observe domain name of what tribal grid says to have taller webpage index first.

(3) website discharge – the caller quantity of the website can affect AlexaRank directly, also can affect PageRank secondhand, before PageRank and flow concern are not big, but since after Google revised algorithm last year, the relation of discharge and PageRank has addition appearance.

(4) website content – of course the content that the website has a lot of high quality, opposite meeting promotes flow, also can affect webpage index, and website content should be united in wedlock with the Keyword that you choose, distribute Keyword on average however oneself in webpage content.

(5) website structure – website structure is belonged to more technical, a lot of SEO manufacturers like to begin from here.

Before explaining how to undertake SEO, will talk about Search Engine first, we explain first with more easy to read and understand means, search Engine hopes of course can the exactest content that finds out need of the person that use, because this looks with the angle of Search Engine, your website must let Search Engine can understand, and tell Search Engine with the most natural way.

Above drag in arrives two keys: With natural way, let Search Engine understanding.

A lot of SEO course of study person oversight will appear with natural way, be in to increase Backlink for example some page adds on the network in the day by tens of thousands Link, such Link can be filtered by Search Engine, because of insufficient nature, search Engine the SEO to black hat type is persistent inspect looks with what make instead, because this does not want beautiful too much effort,go making useless Backlink.

Because this understanding to Search Engine is the task with the very main webpage that make, additionally the basis observes, google consults to having science the webpage of value has special preference, because this website in you adds this kinds of a few content more,be right choice.

Come with the means of QA again fine the content that talks about a few SEO

(How should the program of 1)SEO undertake?

– the competitor that understands you, with afore-mentioned 5 elements come the website of analytic competitor, choose the keyword that you want

– the character that knows afore-mentioned net region names first will decide to use name of region of old some net, flat still additional station chooses new net region name afresh

– analytic your website structure, be like Title, meta, catalog structure. . .

– the website content that conceives you is politic, note Backlink quality

– use commutative coupling, public a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book. . . Wait means a moment to increase luminosity exposing to the sun and flow

– after the website is finished and running period of time, begin Submit to arrive big Search Engine and each Dmoz

– be apt to manages tool and analytic tool with Google website

The order that says above looks be like simple, but the process is quite trival, cite a simple case: You hope of course other the page of tall PR can Link arrives your website, but as him attention the PR of the webpage is worth, the page that there is tall PR value in oneself answers him webpage repeatedly, the PR paster that this net offers (when PageRank Checker) can let you browse him website at any time the change of dynamic understanding PR, should observe him page has prep above when the PR of 1, increase a few Link to answer other page with natural way.

(Does 2) keyword appear in the density of own webpage to had been jumped over higher?

The answer is negative, the density of same keyword also must show with natural way, with Meta medium Title is example, generally speaking keyword does not exceed the in part of Title, had better maintain control in 2%~50%

If the Western Regions is your keyword, title is net of the Western Regions – major sells of all kinds industrial product, material of lab instrument bad news, the website of medical apparatus and instruments is net of the Western Regions than Title better.

(Why should after is the website finished, 3) send engine of each search ask again?

Will tell with respect to DMOZ, if your website has not be over,be versed in, the likelihood is deleted directly or lay aside aside, the likelihood becomes the website that won’t be handled forever

(How does 4) increase Backlink?

If can have good content, use a network next public a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book is first-rate means, exchange coupling namely next, join rank of a few webpages, serve through DMOZ, not too superstitious the method of black hat type of other heterodoxy.

0 broken said one lot brokenly, SEO of in the final analysis is the job with a concentrated labor power absolutely, neither one software or simple measure can reach a goal, and if do not have good content, do SEO a long time also too won’t effective, because this returns to origin, still think how to provide the content that has quality well, will trouble SEO again!