Seo website is optimized outside the basic strategy of catenary

We do a link to be able to bring a visit to measure in other website. Since the main search such as Google after engine spends the link of the website extensively the main factor that consults as the rank, more website links you, your website rank is higher. In the meantime, the quality of the link also is the main factor that searchs engine consideration. The link measures tall website to compare a link to measure low website to have an advantage more in the visit in the visit.

1, refer the website main retrieval catalog

Ensure your website logs onto free Open Directory Project () , this is by the website that undertakes entry checkup artificially. Should classification the catalog content that catalog alls alone for all and main search engine offers it offers a search. Google values your website to whether there is a link in this kind of important website very much. Yahoo! It is another important retrieval catalog, need above login. This also is by finish entry examine and verify artificially, press a website to hint measure undertakes because of very careful land wanting when this logins. Clew: The highest word number that describes the word number of the website to had better compare a regulation is little, just do not achieve a word to count the limit, lest lengthy literal description makes,personnel of website examine and verify deletes a few paragraph. At present commercial website logs onto Yahoo! Should hand in every year 9, had better let them work in a few days to log onto your website in 7 go up. The retrieval that other can consider to login catalog has and

2, in loginning the website industry site and professional catalog

A few retrieve catalog to be located in a certain industry surely, be like education or financial industry. If you belong to association of a certain trade, this association centered site of a lot of member, you can apply for to add your site to this association website, even if pay fee,also be should, because this is met,bring the person that a lot of targets are visited for you.

3, request crossing-over link

Search the site with a few website complementary content with you to ask to the other side crossing-over is linked. Optimal links the website that to seeming those and your website discharge comparatives. Because the website manager with too big flow wants to handle the request that crossing-over of too much requirement links, easy your oversight. A few smaller website also can consider. Link page should put crossing-over to comparing devious place in the website, lest bring the person that your website is visited very quickly to the site of other. It is OK to find after the website that crossing-over links, the Email that sends an individuation gives website of the other side the manager, if the other side does not have a reply, call again try.

4, publish free article, accessary site signs

The news mail that is other website freely (electronic communication / magazine) write a few professional article, brief written language is used in the article accessary description the thing that you offer, request the other side to link your website. This is a kind of effective virus sale method, your article will serve as thousands of hair of user subscription information goes out, make your website one-time acquire hundreds of links.