SEO: The exterior link of SEO theory is built (one)

Michael Martinez published on its rich guest very interesting the article that about the website exterior link builds, this article and before the link builds kind of article to have very big different. For example author says Web Marketing Is More Dependent Upon Backlinks Than Search Engine Optimization. In Fact, search Engine Optimization Hardly Needs Backlinks At All. The interpreter comes over probably means Internet sale needs exterior link more than searching engine to optimize.

In fact, all alone engine optimizes search to need exterior link scarcely. I do not know such theory has how many person to accept, at least the person that such word does SEO commonly is to also dare not say. Seeking exterior link is the measure that the person that engine of a lot of all alone that do search optimizes must experience almost, it seems that greatly how many what the Google rank of the website depends on exterior link.

Just, SEO is this kind of general view correct? Michael Martinez divides a part to built theory to undertake an analysis to exterior link on its rich guest. Here simple according to my implied meaning that understands analytic author, those who need to understand this implied meaning in the round is OK go author page examines English textual.

Why does all alone engine optimize search to need exterior link?

1, guide search engine reptile to call in

2, let significant link be collected by search engine

Besides this two outside, do not need other any considerations will explain why we are searching engine to optimize the need in the process exterior link. But in searching engine to optimize a process, exterior link construction held a lot of people’s too great time and energy, and the effort that is least efficiency and effect. Social medium optimizes sale personnel to be able to handle them very well to allocate to the energy of exterior link, but search engine optimizes personnel to cannot accomplish this a little bit however. And a lot of people pay close attention to him overly the amount of exterior link, and a lot of exterior links that did not realize oneself do not have energy of the effect and waste completely. The amount of exterior link cannot show what issue. The search engine of the website is optimized do not come true through exterior link amount.

How does exterior link help search engine optimize?

If all alone engine optimizes search not to need exterior link, that even do they do what? The answer depends on search engine. The action of a foundation of exterior link depends on the attestation of pair of a certain website. What alleged attestation points to is to tell a search engine each other to the website is worth to collect or reveal website user.

Google does not have what accredit index (Googles TrustRank) , all search engine do not have such parameter, even if they look like contriver Yahoo to also did not use this parameter.

The another action of exterior link delivers website value originally through draw article, namely so called Pagerank. Of this kind of PR delivering is not a tool reveal inside column come out 0 to the number of 10, however the opinion of a kind of value that we cannot see. Pagerank may be used at assess the value of the page, arrange a logical place in page of search engine result. The draw text of the link has very big help effect to this.

Google collects the webpage cent to fasten for 4 rows: Advocate the website is collected, the website that additional data, other databases are collected and does not collect. And the webpage that has appropriate exterior link to be able to help you is entered collect normally. These exterior links are trusted, uses draw text version is not important.

Searching engine to optimize is not the amount that says exterior link only. If you just want to accomplish the high rank of a certain keyword, the method that you can make in order to falls comes true and won’t cause search engine improper processing:

1, a large number of content are arranged on a certain page

2, link of keyword draw text is had to come in such page this page

3, use many keyword draw text to guide link

Successful search engine optimizes example to express clear page page and guide the balance of the link, but how to understand such balance to be optimized with search engine however have nothing to do. Best search engine optimizes plan should be not to rely on exterior link to score a success, because any what the effect that exterior link cannot trust its can rise absolutely and you hope is same.

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