SEO strategy acquires a link construction and link bait are very good

Core clew: The quality of the link is crucial, should as far as possible from relevant the link is acquired on the website that measures with Gao Liu.

Linking construction is in showing in the search engine optimizes the strategy, one kind lets other website link a kind to him website to optimize means. On the website that links oneself through producing the relevant website with authority. Besides the website flow that can promote you, the webpage rank that still can promote you is searching engine result page to go up. Be like,a few the most successful links build a technology: Article sale, rich guest is linked, forum hair post and advertisement paying fee. The quality of the link is crucial, should as far as possible from relevant the link is acquired on the website that measures with Gao Liu.

Article sale is a kind of the most efficient way, build the website that links oneself reversely. Say for example, the article list that we submit the article to a few high quality or the information platform of a few major. his implied meaning transmission gives more people, the character that uses Internet lets more people transmit his article. But did not forget, oneself copyright link is added in the article. This is the best way that wins a link. Adopt such method, OK and very good promotion searchs the keyword of engine result page to rank.

Rich guest links strategy, forum hair post and the website that the website still can offer a kind of good way to link you related advertising paying fee. You are OK also article of compose rich guest, oneself rich guest and written comment and article link the website that answers you in the rich guest of someone else. Forum won’t make you direct link itself of the paste in your website commonly, but the autograph foundation that you can use your website to link your card, OK and same effective embedded return a link. Match carry out to pay Gao Liu the advertisement of the quantity, the website that can offer link of a kind of means to answer you is returned with the website that has authority related, with respect to the user number that increases likely and your SERP footing.

Linking bait is indirect link in building the strategy, you do not produce connection directly, but the website that encourages other link to return you, more specific perhaps for, the webpage on a specific article or website. Linking bait is to adopt written form interesting, content is rich, humorous or open to question clause, other country links their website or rich customer likely. Ask oneself, what kind of information can be offerred be helpful for other, prevail on they are concatenate return information. Argue make peace difference, very popular, running an online race is technology of another link bait, also compose freedom how to report so, offer on-line software program freely, or do interesting is on a few new Internet, or help and contention attention. Compose or compile the information of the article, like online encyclopedia 100 divisions also can become Vicki an effective link bait technology.

Linking construction and link bait is the technology that effective search engine optimizes the strategy and link construction. If you link one of strategies, return oneself from relevant website, you can improve the person that your SERP rank and the website that increase you are visited gradually, accordingly, your website gain ability. You cannot optimize the value of your website and negligence effectively, retrorse link. This is more and more operate hard Gu Ge and other search engine use artificial strategy, this are very important, create natural link, with acquiring lasting interest character, search engine result to rank. Linking construction and link bait is beneficial, be helpful for SEO strategy. If you use these advisability, they can increase the capacity of the search engine that your website locates greatly, let a website easily move toward a success thereby.

(Author: Hangzhou considers source of 100 million Europe: .cn)