SEO static state is useful still really

Prevailing SEO point of view thinks static page is helpful for SEO, produced a lot of SEO to reframe so website page, return the URL of the static state of bogus of website make it oneself act against one’s will, will increase oneself SEO result. Can be SEO had developed several years, the static state is really OK before by way of very big effect, but useful still now?

What the experience of the first dynamic website wants to compare a static state is better, because information is newer fast. And the experience that what search engine takes seriously most is search user.

Engine of the 2nd search updates frequency low, the frequency that spider of Asp page Baidu calls in wants than Html a lot of taller.

The 3rd Seo is to raise him website to lead the rank that prop up in the search, be afraid is every SEO approbatory fact, but too large dominant position is not had in light of now.

The 4th progress as search engine technology, especially the special adroitness that Google indexes to dynamic code, technical level reached the capacity of index Html completely, without any differences.

Page of the 5th Hmtl still has reductive appearance as the growth of time.

Page of the 6th Html can not increase collect an amount, SEO of sanded instead monk is collected in what Asp website discovers when making a station morer than Html.

The 7th actual strength that does not look down upon search engine please, does development search engine to there is exceed up to now? The obstacle of this symbol? Still think the static state is easier capture?

Html is the static website that we say commonly, for common sense, static website is not updated almost, especially for news system CMS, generated page is revised rarely really later; Dynamic page often has a lot of real time demand, in applying really actually truly, be used inside the look updates the website with very tall frequency to go up.

Article origin: Sanded monk Seo