SEO slants the old law of keyword concealed body of door stunt

The site rank that others discovers when a lot of people often are searching certain keyword is very good, do not search to give what reason however, actually a lot of sites are the method that used keyword a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice to cut concealed body, I combine me to optimize experience for years below, summed up the concealed body method of a few keywords, some people can ask the likelihood, work should conceal a keyword? Ask well, because we are in Seo when think flattery searchs engine already, do not want to displease the user that browse again, use this kind of method with respect to need occasionally so, if still do not understand, that looks you still do not have an introduction, go back first shut Guan Xiulian to repair refine, read this article later again. Statement: A few methods that mention in the article may bring about the penalty that searchs engine, ask everybody to be used cautiously!

One of concealed body old laws: Practise deception

Hidden expresses sheet

The first share that occasionally we consider to put all keywords in the page and do not appear very foolish, this is very difficult, still use a picture in page coping when you especially when. Of course still a lot of sites list the keyword simply in the coping of the page, but too not beautiful with major. Solve this problem to have a lot of methods, among them to browsing person visible least of all is to use the invisible label that express sheet. These label should be put in the <body></body> of the page, look as if such:

Your keyword puts <input Typ=hidden Value= in this >

Some searches engine can know this, and some do not admit (these need us to carry out and consider to just know) . The advantage of these methods is right with the person that browse he is completely sightless, and the search engine that meets these can think this is text. This label should be put at the back of back-to-back <body> label, before all and other content, the byte that because some search engine to meet,the head that examines a document controls 2000 times, before should be put in all and other label so.

Of concealed body old law: Pass away the sham as the genuine

The setting of literal facial expression the page follows setting color photograph to be the same as, and set style into a the least style

Considering a few search engine not to admit to punish the keyword content that expresses Chan Zhongyin to hide in <input Type=hidden> even, we can think of: What method do we have to you can join a keyword and won’t affect the indication of the page? A treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice cuts sightless keyword provided a kind of possible means, nevertheless, these a few skill are considered as the ceremony on a kind of bad net likewise and be punished by search engine.

In the skill in this, the setting color that meets the literal facial expression that allows a keyword and them is same, these keywords also occupied a space, although browse person cannot see, but search engine looks get.

For example, if the setting color of a specific page is of white, this can define so:

<body Bgcolor=FFFFFF>

At this moment, the keyword that you want to let you join uses same color, can change word color so:

The written language that <font Color=#FFFFFF Size=1> includes a keyword is here </font>

This kind of method has been alled alone by a few search engine identifies, but the keyword character that we know to our purpose just makes sure the person that browse loses sight of us to need a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice to cut, so since search engine can identify this kind of way, so we are OK still flexible, because search indexes propping up it is the color code that relies on to identify setting and code of literal facial expression,will judge whether cogged, but if our setting is adoption background picture, that search engine is the color that does not have picture of method identifying background, so although the color of page character and background picture is same, all alone engine also identifies search not to come out. Of course to Size=1 everybody still gets this 1 date font to be used cautiously.

Of concealed body old law: Make use of an opportunity to do sth

Law of annotate concealed body

Write a kind of annotate is programmer good convention in code originally, because occasionally if do not have annotate, oneself some the program passed very long also oneself know later did not come out, so annotate to every page it is actually must, but this method is used by Seoer however a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice cuts a keyword, cannot call make use of an opportunity to do sth. We also must admire the professional spirit that optimizes personnel, use up all likelihoods and method to achieve his goal. It is commonly in Html the format of annotate is

< ! – – the keyword a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice that puts your place need here is cut- – >

This paragraph of code is visible to some searches engine, but the person that browse cannot see, this part character won’t be shown when the page that browse come, you can place the keyword that you need to the top of one’s bent in this paragraph of code, but not beyond the mark a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice is cut, avoid by all means.

Of concealed body old law: Perpetrate a gigantic fraud

Law of Css concealed body

Besides in front the method of body of these a few kinds of concealed, still have a kind of higher concealed body kind so, that is the style that Css will come to to install a page. Because search engine to may identify the code in the page only commonly, but can identify to what the code in quotative Css file disappears, with use this kind of method to still need everybody to be familiar with Css code quite, how to and know cite Css file. A lot of people know to search engine to be valued very much to <h1> date font, but <h1> is very big, the composing in be being put in the page is very no-go, also affect the person that browse to watch. At that time we can use CSS to dominate the type of font. For example:

The keyword </h1> that you need is put here

It is again next among page <head></head> label add such code

<STYLE Type=text/css>

Above this paragraph of code is setting font size, one is setting font color, do not tell me you had not understood how to conceal your keyword, if you need to install the color of page setting, want to use


Generally speaking we are to found file of a Css.css, write Css code in this file, this file cites in the page again after letting, cite method:

<link Href=images/css.css Rel=stylesheet Type=text/css>

It is good to use quotative form to want to compare the <head></head> effect that is written in the page directly to want some.

Plant besides this in law of Css concealed body besides still have a kind of layer conceal attribute to set a standard, the means in this is set in the attribute of the layer directly, so classify arrives in law of Css concealed body, for example:

<div Style=display:nThe keyword a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice that you need is placed to cut </div> here

Can install to all Html code label actually conceal attribute, but partial search engine is not to allow such settings, ask everybody to be used cautiously so, see not clear friend to this one part, can learn the CSS knowledge of a few foundations first, learn next again.

Of concealed body old law: Treason and heresy

Law of body of concealed of a lantern with paper cut figures of men

A lantern with paper cut figures of men may have some of friend to not be familiar with, the common that this is specially good effect of a kind of webpage says, actually namely <marquee> of label of code of a kind of Html, the person that we want the purpose no more than of concealed body to want to let browse namely is invisible, and engine of all alone letting search can identify, so <marquee> label is a right choice, and the search brings the character in propping up pair of <marquee> to still be valued quite, this kind of method is used more generally in 5 years or so, everybody was used rarely now, but proper use or effectual. Specific use means for example:

The keyword </marquee> that you need is placed here

Right with above the explanatory Height=1px of this paragraph of code is to make this a lantern with paper cut figures of men thin as far as possible personally, so that won’t take very great place, after such settings a lantern with paper cut figures of men, basically have a line only it seems that. Of course some people can think of why to to install him a 0px, ah, you had a try to know.

good summed up so much, this is the heterodoxy of a few Seo, namely a kind of law of so called black hat, ask everybody to be used cautiously. In my article my general is told tell how to undertake a keyword group optimize and the content structure of the website is designed about the keyword group optimize a design I applied in, the result is very right, I can share everybody.