SEO skill: Use long end keyword to promote a search 5 measure of visit discharge

Schematic: The popular search keyword that chooses in a popular style is facing more and more intense competition. Although your company has distinctive product or service, the first page that the website that wants to let oneself gives to search a result now also different is not easy. Have practical idea? Try long end keyword. Little change is simple and feasible, and expenditure is not much, can promote the visit of the website flow considerably however.

Viatic website " Hello Traveler " Deborah Busch of the person that found encountered such difficult problem: Her website sells a journey magazine and picture album of clip and paste, but if use a keyword,travel magazine undertakes searching, her website cannot be shown in the first page that searchs a result however come. It seems that she is indexed prop up this one precious website to visit resource close the door on by search.

Although Busch likes travel magazine very much this one keyword, but its competition is very intense. Have a lot of trips kind the website history that the website compares her is long, there already also was very rich index on search engine consequently. Input travel magazine this one keyword, her website is searching a result even also cannot find on the 2nd page.

Busch and her sale group wants to look whether find the keyword with appropriate other. Their website basically sells album of an album of paintings of beach frame, intertropical clip and paste, maritime journey and other blame product of in a popular style. But, catalog of the inventory on their net is not such organizations, also did not all alone in the light of search engine undertakes optimizing technically, the catalog that waits for thick extensive according to an album of paintings of magazine, clip and paste and frame however undertakes classified. 

 because this, they studied their product inventory and classified list deep, undertake classified to the product according to following condition:

– already sold the product that go out or sells very easily

– the product with not quite intense competition

– the product that consumer is searching

Busch and her sale group listed a catalog classifies detailed list, for instance beach frame is mixed maritime journey album, put the link of page of corresponding catalogue item on the homepage. After 3 months, undertake searching with certain keyword, their website can have been discharged the first page that searching a result or the 2nd page, and website visit volume also rose 20% .

5 step that they take are below:

The first pace: Anatomize inventory classifies catalog and website organization structure

Anatomize product inventory classifies catalog. Whether does your product undertake classified according to the category that floats quite, for instance table or biscuit? It is OK whether are these classification returned fractionize? For example, whether does the oak coffee table in your inventory catalog exceed 4 kinds? Whether does biscuit of low natrium whole wheat exceed 6 kinds? Undertake these classification fractionize, and will child classified catalog is written down.

The 2nd pace: Study the product is classified

1.The examination searchs a result

The keyword in the light of some make choice of is searched on Gu Ge or Baidu or Yahoo, see a search have how many as a result. Number is more, show in the first page the machine rate that come out is lower, this is same to any search engine. Avoid to use this kind of keyword, the chance that is reached by search so just can increase. 

2.The examination searchs frequency

You can use a few free keywords to search a tool. These tools are cosmopolitan the frequency that indication keyword is searched, return the keyword with listed and relevant meeting and the frequency that its are searched at the same time.

Search frequency is enough tall keyword just is worth to pay close attention to. Do not waste valuable time in a month to be searched only 3, on biquadratic keyword. Still need to make subjective judgement to searching a result according to experience occasionally, because not be each keyword,search tool can provide accurate search data. For example, gu Ge expresses to search frequency only with a green vitta.

The 3rd pace: Choose to show lubricious keyword and be opposite its in group

Choice competition is less and the keyword that often is searched or child classification. Next, undertake corresponding adjustment and classification to the product, so that these are classified,be gone to by successfully search.

Note: The constituent structure of the website and dominant boat need not be adjusted, can add new classification to the website.

Optional measure: Patulous inventory is phyletic

Carry thorough research, you can discover what what do not have to the certain product that people searchs is you, these products accord with the demand of your target market again. Or you can discover, if your range of products increases one, 2 kinds of new products, you add another product classification very easily.

For example, the sale group that becomes Busch and her sees people is searching food and wine kind after viatic magazine, decide its development is a true classified list. They are examined everywhere and collect mix not less about food wine kind the information of the magazine, still have other a few wine kind gift data, founded a new classification then. 

 the 4th pace: Found classified catalog webpage to classify catalog to found a webpage for each new product. Come from the design say, these pages and you existing product classification page is identical.

Nevertheless, in the coping of each product page, the sentence that should contain search to all alone engine optimizes a keyword with 3 at least will depict this catalogue item. Additional, each product also must have a brief literal characterization. Such, when this page is indexed prop up index by search, can ensure related to this keyword content is compared sufficient.

For instance, " Hello Traveler " the column of children journey activity of the website has such character to describe below dominant boat column: Children’s distinctive eye shot always is worth a record. Busch picked game of a series of journey magazines that are aimed at the child, journey and mobile book. Still can appear occasionally 9 viatic photograph casing that design technically for the youth or go vacationing album.

Little skill: These child classified page also can serve as advertising of search paying fee to wear collection page.

The 5th pace: Put the link on the homepage

The link that enters classified page is established on the homepage. Busch demonstrated such 30 many links in its homepage bottom. The character that ensures these are linked is corresponding child the keyword that classifies catalog.

Certain link can point to the catalogue item that shows than keyword place to want the classified page of wide extensive. We also sell children viatic magazine, click this link to should enter children journey column, is not viatic magazine page. But still not be at present such, this is the place that we need to correct, busch admits.

Origin: Intelligent judge digital sale

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