SEO should embellish station is fine breathed

Saw Du Fu today " Chun Yexi rain " , resonance that caused me. Original Du Fu very know SEO.

Slip into night along with wind, benefit other people is fine breathed.

Showed SEO principle. SEO is drizzle, optimize be dribs and drabs to do.

All of nocturnal diameter cloud is black, river ship fire alone bright.  

This working scene that is SEOer, in black night the information such as the industry to optimizing a website, website undertakes an analysis, give out report, take out the hardship that optimizes plan to wait, trival, meticulous and must optimize the job. Good SEO is not to revise a few Title, Keywords, Description absolutely with respect to OK.

Dawn visits red wet office, the flower weighs city of bright and beautiful official.

Explained, optimized effect shows a process (have a time paragraph) , weigh the satisfactory result of city of bright and beautiful official with the flower.

As the ceaseless development of SEO industry, mix the attention to SEO raises a big search engine ceaselessly.

SEO should emphasize benefit absolutely to optimizing the station is fine breathed. Otherwise, be fallen by search engine authority, K the penalty that wait is time problem only.

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