SEO should communicate study ability to accomplish the legend of SEO bound more

SEO is in abroad had been a quite normal, mature industry, have large quantities of professional corporation, professional technical staff is offerring all-around search engine to optimize a service for broad client website. In the meantime, search engine optimized a technology to also get broad website controller searchs engine inside even the self-identity of many sided. The development case in home is not good, why is technology of our home SEO backward all the time of the foreigner?

Allusion of Seo sunflower analyses: Because home lacks the element such as the academic communication, exploration that lacks pair of skills from personnel of course of study and pursuit, seo technology is for home still be in inferior level. Same the arrival as foreign enterprise, be sure to urge technical side upgrade,

So how to upgrade? Major pursues the force appeal that website of have the aid of of Seo sunflower transmits today the friends of SEO, develop in Chinese high speed to promote SEO. Hope everybody can share everybody’s experience, the reader saw the possibility of purpose here, I share experience by what and everybody. Be me then is special competence, tell you that to I am not very be in an unfavorable situation!

Yes, fundamental authority is to think so, so this is why Chinese SEO lags behind foreign technology is final reason, here allusion of Seo sunflower encourages communication experience kind, had looked " Li Xiaolong legend " the person of this successive collect knows, why is Li Xiaolong in is wushu respect so successful?

Among them an element also is little not communication, he mixes Li Xiaolong every time when adversary compares connecting with the boxing skill. No matter who be,get the better of who finally to be defeated. He meets Xiaolong to exchange military accomplishment result with adversary, those who be is to make his stronger, such behavior early days suffers Li Xiaolong at that time of a lot of people object, because of the wushu bound at that time, be short of badly owe wushu communication to meet. Everybody does not want oneself so called special competence is taken with everybody communication, consider as the world oneself inapproachable.

That everybody turns round to want again, final " Li Xiaolong legend " does he become what kind of? Doesn’t current now SEO condition resemble namely in those days this film in that way? Although allusion of Seo sunflower begins to be engaged in SEO from 3 years, but all algorithm that I do not understand search engine. No matter be current, wang Tong, still choose stone, think of 100 million Europe, full without any person understanding searchs all algorithm of engine, unless be the engineer of engine of search of research and development.

Because everybody has him to optimize means distinctly, although everybody can optimize the keyword,go up. But still be this bit insufficient. Just think, if search engine algorithm to have 10 regulation only? Allusion of Seo sunflower masters algorithm of 5 searches engine, and you master algorithm of engine of additionally 5 searches again. That everybody comes out to communicate then. Is that made after us optimize will you can become more relaxed? I very appreciate this one word bursa of 3 smelly skins, the top crosses a Zhu Geliang to let us then these so called SEO are smelly leather bursa, concentration was together, I believe Zhu Geliang of very fast next SEO, it is you!

Asking you not to fear we communicate experience is inequitable, if you have fun at communication SEO experience, add my Q please: 190377409 specifications: SEO communication (do not add otherwise) , I had prepared a fair SEO early to communicate means for you.