SEO sequela: How to leave the user that comes from search engine?

When a lot of stationmaster are talking about SEO, can speak of the bottleneck problem that a website develops not self-consciously, how to leave the user that comes from search engine namely. Nibbed in everybody after the head turns into Seo, leave drawn user now, became new core issue naturally also.

Before discussing this issue we have the user that comes from search engine the description first. It is general character above all, since the user inputs key word in search engine, showing the user that comes from search engine is the central news that one wants to search (here is notable is key word and central information not be consistent certainly) , this is the character that searchs engine, also be the user base that discusses this.

Search indexes the user that props up is classified

In establish this looks for the difference that seeks an user after main general character again, of course different method can distinguish the user come, be opposite by the user here of central information long for degree and long for motive to distinguish, the user is right of central information long for motive cent to be two kinds.

One kind is curious, understand for instance go up to a net or the news with interesting what or very popular event produced below the line, everybody can all alone through search engine will search these incident, and searching these incident to undertake reading is to dismiss more next time, or it is recreation just.

Another kind motive is curious, to find the solution of a certain problem, get means of certain flight number, achievement, connection to wait such a moment, and the user of curious drive should be to occupy bigger proportional.

Leave the behavior course of the user to after user description was over, look again.

1 , user comes up to the station from search engine

2, page of result of the search that browse

3, content of other of the website that browse

4, the website leaves to answer search engine after browsing

5, information finishs after browsing search

Of course, the 1st process assumes we did, had the 2nd situation as agreed upon, come out to be able to have additionally 3 yuan different combination from here, optimal is 3 paces – " 5 paces. . . . , the most lamentable is to receive the 4th condition continuously undoubtedly. But to the 4th pace not be complete did not make fun of, actually the user alls alone from search engine comes up to the station reason has only, search related to central information; And the reason that returns search engine has two, it is the information on the station did not satisfy him, go back continue to search, 2 are to find the message that leaves other to stand quite again. If content has been done,also spread very good impression to the user at least, if had been compared, the user returns a likelihood to come back again.

How to change the discharge that search engine comes to?

Will discuss answered method below, the 2nd situation that can see a process is the place that should look for breach, what is breach, I think should be central information relevant content matchs full and accurate of central information content accurately, basically be related information of center of the first method lead the user toward the 3rd pace, content full and accurate is lead the user toward the 5th pace, content matchs central information accurately basically is to raise the scale structure that the user keeps, this is beneficial hurtless on brand and strategy to.

The user divides kind of 4 level in all 8 kinds of users, the website should locate according to oneself and suffer numerous, reasonable use site of these 3 breakthroughs, use oneself distinctive method to come user tarry.

Of course we also cannot rely on completely to search engine to bring discharge, want to understand the value that discharge changes, suck after drawing discharge, can precipitate even these discharge, this has with respect to the station that needs you enough agglutinant.

Than standing like, in early days, most discharge can be to come from at searching engine, but cannot all the time such, because had the site of discharge,be about to consider profit.

A of the site of all gain common characteristic is discharge can precipitate come down, the user is very active. Active user stabilizes discharge respect, this has respective idea severally, my website joined hubble-bubble of platform of game of a webpage to play namely, add channel of a game on his website next, make some of conduct propaganda, guide an user to play game, indulge when the user among them when, meet initiative post on the website discuss, communication game result is waited a moment.

Even the user charges a cost in game when, I am OK still and draw-out quite sizable deduct a percentage. Because webpage game platform is equivalent to an alliance, do not have any doorsills to stationmaster, can join at any time and place. Platform can offer play of many kinds of webpage for stationmaster, such stationmaster do not need to consider how to develop the trouble of operation game, give completely game platform goes doing, stationmaster should do just offer channel of a game on him site, guide an user to play game, subsequently and those who come is the addition with agglutinant user and income however rise.

So, after propping up discharge from search index through SEO, the discharge that still must all alone search engine comes stays, the website that is you creates bade to be worth, this ability is truly effective SEO!