SEO: Search the error that engine optimizes

Still talk about an error, the article of a certain Blog that I subscribe to sees in GoogleReader, forgetting is that piece, I let have after looking so an idea, want to say.
In the process that optimizes in engine of all alone that do search, what does the obstacle that we face have? What error can you have again?

On forum, regular meeting sees someone says proudly, oneself Baidu how how, or Google how how.
It seems that they face just search engine.

And DavidYin is not so look. Look in me have so a few relationships should have been handled.
Have so a few main body: Oneself website, search engine, user, the website of competitor.
Search engine resembles a glass, we are in hard with competitor as far as possible stand by search engine, the user of such across in glass is OK easier see us, of course our oneself also should have been built, those who do is a bit more beautiful, otherwise the user looked uncomfortable, can look for the 2nd to go immediately.

Make search engine optimize, search the website together namely the clear point that makes between engine, those who make an user OK look is clearer; What perhaps go with search engine is a bit closer, so the user sees us be met a bit bigger; Still have even if we have what our website does more characteristic, just can go out in numerous competitor so carry.

Face an user, the actor chemical industry with actually main website makes what still be the same as other competitor compare. What who does is better, who does more the need that accords with search engine and user, who wins the home namely.

And the relation that searchs engine together, still cooperate, do not do antagonism, this was not used, do ability to be able to have good effect only according to the rule that searchs engine. Go slant the door, probably OK and complacent temporarily, eventually not long.

The real index that make search props up optimized friend, it is to make what optimize for a long time. The process that that is to say optimizes this is like ground of mercuric have diarrhoea, be slowly, it is solid, permeated frame.

Do not want a hope to accomplish in one move, should know to go up fast thing, come down fast also.

Making the initial stage that optimizes the job, want to pay attention to found, build the oneself of good website, want to have enough and rich content, have quite wide exterior link even, there is website link to come over again in the center, this is main job. Making those who optimize is original 9 months, not urgent consider sees gain, want many somes of patience, if do satisfy the need, and strength moderate, my experience is arrive in two months between 3 months, can see gain.

Talk about the thing of discuss principles rarely recently, now and then talking also is necessary, after all philosophy is all gets everything, directive all.