SEO research: The search of Baidu ranks a principle

Baidu is the whole world the most outstanding Chinese Information Retrieval and deliver technical supplier, the Chinese with company so-called the greatest whole world searchs technical provider. China is all in offerring the portal website that searchs engine, more than 90% above offer search engine technology to support by Baidu, existing client includes sina, Sohu (Chinaren) , Tom( , Tecent, 263, northward and window of 21cn, Shanghai hot line, Guangzhou, xinhua net, spatio-temporal, western harbor of information of harbor of information of harbor of information of harbor of information of hot line of spatio-temporal, Chongqing, Jilin, Daqing, Oriental hot line, Hunan, Nanyang, .

Baidu search engine used high-powered network spider program to be automatic in Internet search information, but of custom-built, tall expansibility attemper algorithm makes searcher can arrive in collect of cutty time adduction the Internet information of the largest amount. Baidu all sets a server in Chinese each district and United States, the partial site that searched limits to cover the Chinese area such as chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore and North America, Europe. The oldest Chinese information warehouse on the world before Baidu searchs engine to have eye, gross achieves above of 60 million page, and still be in with everyday the rate of hundred thousands of page rises quickly. Because tiring-room used efficient information index algorithm, the response when rising to retrieve greatly speed and the stability when bearing to visit a quantity greatly, this locality that Baidu search engine retrieves to exceeding 60 million webpage answers time on average to be less than 0.5 seconds.

Baidu company (, inc) 1999 the bottom holds water at American Silicon Valley, its person that found is technologist of senior Information Retrieval, analysis exceeding cable length patent and exclusive holder — Baidu president Li Yan grand, reach its good friend — the Baidu that there is experience of success of old business circles in Silicon Valley carries out doctor of vice-president Xu brave.

Baidu searchs the characteristic of engine

1. Be based on the information processing kind that word word ties. Clever the understanding problem that solved Chinese information, the accuracy that raised a search greatly and check total rate.

2. Support the Chinese encode level of the mainstream. Include internal code of GBK(Chinese character patulous standard) , GB2312(simplified) , BIG5(traditional) , and can be between different encode change.

3. Algorithm is spent related intelligence. Used be based on content and the method that are based on analysis exceeding cable length to be united in wedlock to undertake relevant spend an evaluation, can analyse the information that webpage place contains objectively, thereby utmost assured to retrieve result dependency.

4. Retrieve the webpage attribute with indicative and can rich turn out (wait for) like caption, network address, time, size, encode, summary, the inquiry of outstanding user is strung together, whether is facilitating user judgement read textual.

5. Baidu search support retrieves 2 times (weigh advance gradually retrieval again or force into retrieve) . Can continue to retrieve in retrieving a result last, narrow stage by stage search limits, till reach the the smallest, most accurate result market. Benefit at the user more the content that finds oneself to be interested truly in huge information conveniently.

6. Term intelligence retrieves to recommend a technique related. After user first time retrieves, the retrieval related meeting clew word, help user searchs more relevant result, statistic makes clear can promote retrieve a quantity to promote 10-20% .

7. Apply the multi-line Cheng technology, efficient search algorithm, stable UNIX platform, server that changes with this locality, assured the fastest response speed. Baidu searchs engine to offer a search to serve in Chinese churchyard, can shorten greatly retrieval noise is in season (answer time on average what retrieve to be less than 0.5 seconds)

8. Can offer a week, 2 weeks, all around wait for a variety of service means. Can be in 7 what the webpage finishs in the day is newer, it is to update time at present the Chinese with the fastest, the greatest data bulk searchs engine.

9. Retrieve a result to output supportive content kind get together, website kind get together, content kind get together + website kind get together wait for a variety of means. Supportive user chooses time limits, improve user retrieval efficiency.

10. The intelligent sex, search technology that can expand assures the fastest most collection Internet information. Own the oldest Chinese information warehouse on eye preexistence bound, offerred the the most accurate, most extensive, information that provides sex of effectiveness for a given period of time most to provide solid basis for the user.

11. Of distributed structure, elaborate design optimize design of algorithmic, fault tolerance to make sure the system is in the tall usability below big visit quantity, tall expansibility, high-powered with tall stability.

12. Gao Ke configures a gender to make the demand that searchs a service to be able to satisfy different user.

13. Advanced webpage trends summary demonstrates a skill.

14. Particular Baidu snapshot,

15. Support a variety of advanced retrieval syntactic, make the user inquires efficiency taller, result is more accurate. Already supported + (AND) , – (NOT) , | (OR) , Site: ?  Ink: ? Is У of whistle of  of Lu of leisurely of Mian of  of silk ribbon of  of  stay of proceedings Yong of castrate of spay to carve ā ?