SEO practice: To the choice of the domain name

  Basically have 2 kinds to the choice of the domain name:

The domain name of the first kind of choice basically is brief, remember easily, be helpful for a website building his brand, for example JOYO, SINA, YAHOO, EBAY ETC. To using the website of this kind of domain name, the URL that can more user passes input website directly visits a website directly, want the brand that builds him website of course, want to the message that draws user eyeball just goes of course.

The domain name of the 2nd kind of choice basically is as far as possible in the domain name that includes the key word that the website thinks to optimize in the website, because the key word in the domain name also is search,index props up the one part of the search. For example, in this DOMAIN we can analyse an a few group key word, cheap Credit Cards. Credite Cards. Cheap Credit, cheap Cards. Look so 4 groups of key word were contained in a DOMAIN, increase the chance that website key word is reached by the search greatly so, all alone in the light of different search engine has different understanding possibly to key word of course, the likelihood is in Creditcards to be answered in certain search engine consider as Credit Cards or Creditcards, perhaps consider as Creditcards only in certain search engine.

   The action of separator (DASH)

The meeting that separator uses in long domain name is more, often use at disjunctive key word, for example This looks is to compare bloodcurdling DOMAIN, this kind of domain name remembers far from to the user, just be aimed at search engine, engine of all alone letting search passes these key word more easily to search this website.

   TLD domain name chooses

In the light of certain search engine it lists only it is corresponding national domain name, perhaps here you register the domain name that has national label with respect to need, for example is waited a moment. Picking this TLD domain name of course while, I suggest you choose COM domain name as much (if the word of Available) . When input country should forgetting to mark when certain person is inputting a domain name, also can visit your website likewise.

The choice to the domain name is the website that wants how to develop you according to you, to brief, write down easily, the domain name of innovation, suit a website to found his brand, let an user easily remember. To containing key word, for the long domain name of use separator, suit to search engine to search a website more, often this kind of domain name suits to develop website discharge strategy quickly, of course these discharge can come from search engine directly for the most part only.

Be aimed at the friend that becomes a net to earn for, before building a website to choose a domain name, the website type that should have studied you choose above all whether very get people reception.

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