SEO personnel should not optimize a website blindly

The website construction company that has had any SEO experience is in carry on a modification amount that end time should consider pair of HTML pages, indeed, this is a very big job, need not little workload, some SEO abecedarian perhaps can ask, why should use the Meta label of Html?

The SEO personnel when Website Design Company often what these a few label when refresh label appear special is important. The heavy directional label that HTML label can use when if you hope search engine is right,your website has index and Robots label.

According to statistic, only the webpage of 20% uses key word and descriptive label (namely Keyword, description) . Title label may be the most important label in your webpage, it is you in the webpage most the share that sees first. Put it before Description and Keyword.

The key word that adds your website had better is in this label, title label indexes very important place is had in the search that prop up in search. Had better be before putting it in other Meta label, this more the rank that is helpful for your website. Some searches engine can press the abecedarian lien of Title label to have a rank, use initial letter in your Title as far as possible.