SEO optimizes Wang Zhe argument!

There is Wang Zhe originally on this world, this world inequity, the world has competition, arrange ability of its competition law to live only, have only otherwise ruined.

Be about to tell now, baidu is in China the position in stationmaster, do not have Baidu of exposition and argumentation actually how many might, how many force, still be inferior to saying oneself are too puny still.

Baidu is your station platoon from the back, the natural person is withered the seat that replaces you discharges advanced face, you are ruined will somebody replaces you.

So, wang Zhe appeared in SEO, wang Zhe is about to have Wang Zhe wind model, can make other small mix anything but mix the kingship you to give reave.

To assure your kingship, so, you need to know those who go up how to kingship is tightened, go on the top. Like: ? Code of the net inside school of? of second  vomit such key word, so I am about to highlight such key word in the website, the website friendship related to code of the net inside other school is linked, inside school the website related net code releases information, be like: Do so namely.

Website rank knows to had been jumped over simplier, now some SEO experts, what algorithm, what ranks a method, wrote a large book, read whole book when you actually, you will discover, the rank is the most important is nevertheless: Website structure (Div+css, form, frame) , the website updates frequency (shorten Baidu updates the time of the page everyday) , website content (the key word in content appears be located in with frequency) , caption and description and key word, in-house link, exterior link (amount and.

Even of other, like: ? Address of RL of  of  of Li  vomit is optimized, website user experience is optimized etc, had made among them focal point of course, the website rank that believes you can get very big promotion.

And experts of those so called SEO, it is nevertheless round heavy name a person for a particular job, move other blame completely mainly next tell, write Cheng Houhou a book.

The purpose that writes a book truly lets a person buy its book actually, gain money the kingcraft that this ability is those SEO experts, and the real mystery in SEO is very simple actually, but the novice should come true, actually still a lot of want, this should be told namely, father selling oil says: Only hand ripe Er. SEO him need is experienced slowly, go experiencing, adjourned to just know among them deal only, of course SEO is not fixed use a kind or a few kinds of methods, the method that using when you will fall into disuse probably tomorrow, because of Baidu the promotion of any technologies, the website that lets you possibly does not have skin to death, but he stands you K, can explain you are incommensurate only the law that Baidu lives, so ruined.

Survival of the fittest, suit to live at searching the person ability of engine concept, ability acquires supreme Wang Zhe position in SEO, be no good all right see you.