SEO optimizes the undertakes a website standardization design of manual

Avoid to use Javascript to make URL link.

Some moment, what to let the URL on the page the link changes is more beautiful, what perhaps operate for tiring-room is convenience, the URL of some websites is to use form the form of following faces will behave.

<a Href=javascript:wIndow.location.href=’2′; Class=navText STYLE6>SEO optimizes </a>

In fact, search engine is in index this page when, he won’t know this Location.href=2; is what meaning at all, come so, this page that is represented by Location.href=2; also won’t be indexed prop up a discovery by search and collect. Accordingly, in any URL links of any moment, the should accurate URL link that a form is as follows

<a Href=/ ***/***.html>SEOOptimize </a>

If must use Javascript really, so the SiteMap that sets pattern of a HTML in the website, include complete station all URL link, your website links the capture that can make search engine more relaxed so. Of course, you also can make the SiteMap of format of a XML, the website manager tool that passes Google directly refers Google.

What Sitemap of format of a XML offers below is online make a tool, facilitating everybody is used.

XML format SiteMap makes a tool: /

Google website manages employee to provide: / Webmasters/tools/ ? Hl=zh_CN

Have a Sitemap, not only the page that can make administrative levels of a few catalog in your website deeper and a few links that because used Javascript to make URL,link are searched completely engine capture, to using person for, this also is first-rate a tool.

Here has the problem of sex of a detail. In having a lot of websites, link of a few URL uses opposite address, form if the example below:

<a Href=SEO/youhua.html>SEO optimizes </a>

Actually to SEO, the advantage that my individual thinks to use absolutely link should is more than apparently use opposite address to link, form if the example below.

<a Href=/ SEO/youhua.html>SEOOptimize </a>

Because,this is, below some circumstances, our link anchorage character (so called anchorage character shows link of a complete URL is medium namely, included the written language that URL links, the SEO of example of face of exemple as above optimizes a few words) it is the target page that can be considered as a link commonly (in example of face of exemple as above / SEO/youhua.html) the generalize or links target page keyword of a content. Come so, if we use absolutely address, can give search engine a clear signal: This is linked about what SEO optimizes, its network address is / , because this cannot be ignored when index. Come so, more the website that we can be us is patulous length end keyword, in order to offer search engine index. But if be opposite link, because do not have the URL of the website, it is not clear that some times bring about search possibly to all alone engine reptile is done to the circumstance, the attention that reduces target page thereby is spent. Accordingly, in SEO process, suggest all links use absolutely link address strongly.

Avoid to use Flash to regard Url as navigation.

The website that has a lot of for the page more beautiful, serve as the navigation of the website with respect to use FLASH. Have a few websites even flat complete station character of neither one character appears, it is FLASH entirely. This to SEO it is very adverse, must want to notice because of us is: Like searching engine reptile to won’t resemble our mankind, get the information of the webpage through the vision, they are to pass the capture to webpage code, just understand webpage content. Accordingly, when if we prevented and cure,FLASH regards a website as navigation, searching engine spider to know your FLASH far from is what content, because this also can abandon capture.

Accordingly, we are in website of the FLASH that make when, anyhow, play role in the page please or the link that upside adds a written language, form if,

<a Href=/ Sitemap.html> website map </a>

All written languages that include your website Flash next, content is alone make map of a website with the form of text, such both neither can affect the capture that searchs engine, also won’t affect you of whole website beautiful.

Reasonable use picture regards URL as navigation

Why to say to want to use a picture reasonably? Reason and above it is same, search engine reptile besides look not to know FLASH besides, what write on the picture that also won’t know you is what content. Accordingly, we can have seen what serve as navigation with the picture directly rarely now. CSS will be more beautiful use. Of course, if must use a picture cannot if, must add on this piece of picture so form the ALT label of following faces.

<a Href=> <img Src=Images/about_nav.jpg Alt= about us / > </a>

Come so, we prop up with respect to index giving search how-to: The character on this piece of picture is about us, and its are brought to the page is about us of this content

The arrival that makes your URL faster target page.

Once when I am doing SEO complete station to optimize for manufacturer of a pressure cooker, discovered a such problem. I saw a pressure cooker in home page, the pressure cooker model that as it happens and myself home use is same, because this thinks,examine a few parameter of this pressure cooker. As a result I was clicked 6 times at least, this ability saw the detailed data of this pressure cooker. To user experience, very few somebody can be able to bear or endure strength clicks the webpage content that N goes to you in light of second mouse, all alone to search engine also is same, your URL jumps to jump, be less than final result page namely, search engine to also can feel disgusted.

Accordingly, first-rate practice is, click, arrive at final page immediately. Do not exceed 3 times at most.

Simple channel navigation is necessary

Look below this graph

Graph 1-11

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