SEO optimizes manual (2) : The keyword is chosen

In the process of SEO, be chosen to the keyword of a webpage and yuan of label META writing a law is very important. In this chapter content, meeting cent is two parts, the first part is pair of keywords choose, the 2nd be pair of META write a law to do to discuss.

About the keyword choose.

In SEO job, of the keyword choose having very big effect whether effectively to whole SEO job, if the keyword is chosen undeserved, can bring about a keyword although the rank is tall, but intense without too much actual flow, competition, very difficult platoon searchs the question such as engine front row greatly to each. Accordingly, this one basically discusses how to choose a keyword that suit together with everybody.

Need to introduce a tool above all, baidu keyword searchs an index: / , in this tool, we can see the daily search index of a few commonly used keywords. Of course, if you have the index of Baidu to invite a code, the keyword that can add oneself to want to know at will is daily search an index. This index invites a code to get harder now, be in nevertheless naughty treasure, pat pat wait for a few websites to go up to have sell, control in 10 money probably, the friend that have fun at can buy to have a try.

Return to the subject. Of the keyword choose to every webpage, the search engine rank that is a website even has very main effect. Cite a simple case, if you are to doing website of a news, so if if the essence of your place definition allows a keyword,be news, so certain be impossible and be in Google now the photograph such as the sina of the first page, Sohu is compared. Accordingly, choose the keyword of a little competition ability, large flow, it is an important crucial step in SEO.

Comprehensive information kind the keyword of the website is chosen

For example we should do a popular vocabulary to be measured in order to suck drainage now, so we can examine Baidu to heat up word a list of names posted up above all, / Index2.html? C=0s=3, exterior and interior is listed in this, we choose what this keyword regards small Shenyang as us to optimize main speech. We can see, the average search volume with keyword small daily Shenyang is 197909 times, accordingly, if we can divide a cup of a thick soup from inside so large flow, the effect is very pretty good. We will look to measure list about the search of small Shenyang.

Graph 1-8

From inside graph 1-8, we can see, in spring the Xiaoshen after late end’s in relief person energy of life rises sharply, from more than 80000 of a quarter, grew two at a draught. Accordingly, we want to serve as our foundation that choose a word with keyword small Shenyang certainly.

But the search result page that examines Baidu and Google, we can discover the competition of this keyword is very intense. The indication of Baidu is: Baidu one, find relevant webpage about 35, 500, 000, the indication of Google has 35 to make an appointment with, 400, 000 inquiry results that accord with small Shenyang because this, in three pieces of webpages, and the webpage that still has so much tall weight serves as a competitor, if we are,should serve as with small Shenyang advocate the word of the keyword, ranking difficulty is very big. Accordingly, here the strategy that we need to adopt a curve to save the nation, adopt the method that uses long end keyword already, move is as follows.

The first pace: We examine Google and Baidu to be when search keyword Xiaoshen is in relief above all, the page issues the relevant search statement that character appears:


Xiaoshen of guest of rich of small Shenyang of small Shenyang special is in relief small Shenyang of Beijing spring evening does not differ Qian Xiaoshen to struggle in reliefly

Gong Hangong of small Shenyang Han interviews Xiaoshen Yang Xiaoshen is in relief data of small Shenyang of sea of small Shenyang of super big star


Xiaoshen is in relief only collect is online watch small Shenyang special video of small Shenyang of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast of small Shenyang of small Shenyang essay

Small Shenyang of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast is done laugh only collect small Shenyang is done laugh at this world of Xiaoshen of video of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast of small Shenyang of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast only Xiaoshen of collect northeast a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast is in relief

The 2nd pace: Mix every word in Baidu of Google collect a quantity to make contrast, single out collect least keyword. From this, can choose a Han Gong to interview small Shenyang this keyword. We can pass Baidu tool, will inquire relevant search index.

Graph 1-9

We can see, the search volume with this daily keyword is in 3806 times, and the platoon is mixed in Google of Baidu home page, do not have the website that has optimized painstakingly, because this keyword attributes the gold statement in SEO, compete namely small, search much keyword.