SEO optimizes manual (1) : TITLE is optimized

One, the SEO method of basic webpage

The webpage is the woof that a website forms, accordingly, to webpage itself optimize optimize in whole SEO there is decisive effect in the process. Cent talks a few way that page SEO optimizes below for two parts, a part is to page itself structure optimize, make search engine spider (Spider) more successful capture page, b part is medium a few little skill are optimized in the page. To the skill of B part, do not be in please SEO of begin to learn when use, because the friends of SEO of begin to learn often are spent to what skill holds,master inadequacy, had better be so be used after much experimentation again.

Of structure of itself of A, page optimize.

TITLE is optimized

To page itself optimize, want to be made from the TITLE of the webpage above all. Because be in the process that searchs engine spider crawl, the content between <TITLE> and </TITLE> often is a spider people the first character content that gets a webpage (what here needs to notice is, spider to the webpage medium HTML code won’t index, but if HTML code too too multifarious, also can cause block up and effect to the crawl of the spider) .

TITLE is the most intuitionistic part that describes a webpage. Accordingly, webpage itself is what content, the spider can discover from inside TITLE above all. We see a reasonable TITLE above all.

Graph 1-1

The code of afore-mentioned pictures shows for <TITLE> our country the place is collected since duty inside year or move to 2500 yuan of _ to report net of Tecent of _ of _ finance and economics immediately </TITLE> .

We can see, in this TITLE, the name Tecent net of the website is the backmost in whole caption, and before be classification of channel name, news, foremost face respectively is a name of a news. Why should be arranged so so?

In searching engine to optimize, search engine spider can is opposite commonly 14 byte before TITLE (7 Chinese characters) give very tall weight. Come so, if we come over the order of this TITLE, become the form that be as follows:

Graph 1-2

Namely, HTML code medium TITLE part writes _ of finance and economics of _ of net of instead <TITLE> Tecent to report _ our country immediately the place is collected since duty inside year or move to 2500 yuan of </TITLE> , so when searching engine spider crawl and capture, in whole website metropolis capture arrives _ of channel of Tecent net _ these identical model of written characters, if generous word, the spider may think the major page of your website is identical content even, accordingly, the first impression can have misdirect, the spider also is met because of this do not go content of deepness capture page. Accordingly, found to accord with webpage content completely, not reduplicative TITLE is the first pace that page SEO optimizes.