SEO optimizes: Key word density and website are ranked

The person of the same trades that via often can a lot of carry a search engine optimizes ask about the problem of key word. For example: A page has how many key word or key word phrase is more advantageous to the rank; Or, how much is the density of key word of a page more the problem that is helpful for ranking and so on. Talk with respect to the experience of my individual below to the relation between key word and rank.

From industry inside, a referenced element that people prefers to use the key word density in a page to regard a search as engine rank is not occurrence key word of a page or the frequency of key word phrase.

So what is the density of key word? A lot of people think key word density is the content that key word sees in the webpage () the percentage that hold; Not be actually, density of alleged key word should be to point to to get rid of in key word and a page the per cent of the content of Html code. Seeming is a relatively abstract concept, show key word density with everybody with the following code:

<title>keyword1, keyword2, keyword3</title>
<meta Name=keyword Contend=keyword1, keyword2, keyword3>
<meta Name=description Contend=keyword1 Is Keyword2>
<body>Keyword1 Is Keyword2, keyword3 Is A Beautiful Glass!

From the point of above code, besides HTML code, the content that leave is (from the top down) :
Keyword1, keyword2, keyword3
Keyword1, keyword2, keyword3
Keyword1 Is Keyword2
Keyword1 Is Keyword2, keyword3 Is A Beautiful Glass!

Altogether is 16 words, we come to computation below the key word density of Keyword1, because Keyword1 appeared 4 times in all content, so we think the key word density of Keyword1 is 4/16=25% ; From this example we are being calculated is when key word density remove Html code tag in the page total content.

Understanding key word density is what hind, we continue to discuss the concern of the size of key word density and website rank. According to a few major the personage observes research makes clear, in most search engine key word density is in 2%~8% is a relatively proper limits, be helpful for a website be being ranked in searching engine.

Key word density is a of the rank main factor, of course cannot oversight, but the most important still is content. A lot of people to achieve the key word density of 2%~8% not reason content quality, optimizes target key is added painstakingly in the page, do so actually can get contrary result instead occasionally.

When doing a website, content had better be achieved oneself, because want tie only,your content that optimizes knowledge to draw up just is first-rate content. This decides the integrated level at you, whether is evaluating an article content appropriately consider from two respects, be an article is fluent degree, 2 it is the density that key word appears. A good literary works the position that its key word appears and frequency not only what do not affect an article is fluent degree and the requirement that also achieves optimization.

General what we optimize is not a term however a phrase, if all alone engine optimized search to include to search engine and optimize two terms, when optimizing not only engine of ambitious attune search optimizes ambitious still attune to search engine and optimize. A lot of people can think his key just is searching engine to optimize by accident in, repeat this phrase ceaselessly in article so. (note: The search engine that must remember you optimize is optimized is a phrase is not a term, if you optimize search engine, so you do not need to part search and engine) , search engine is met when identifying key word phrase whole explanation reachs a phrase become many terms to explain apart.

I think a paragraph of description of this station coping should be a good example, those who optimize is to search engine to optimize, the website optimizes these two the mainest key word phrase.

Summary: The position that key word appears is not added painstakingly, want nature!