SEO optimizes " do not use extensive easily analytic “

Of late hour remember this often thinks suddenly put forward or the problem that everybody knows!

First add is here, comprehensive complement gives later!

What is extensive analytic:

Will strictly tell, be such:

If explain address of this IP to, and the DNS server that offers an explanation bears extensive explanation, so besides the domain name that can explain, the domain name that other did not indicate clearly goes to full explanation on.

Where is the domain name that what makes you can explain? That is to say has the domain name that clear setting turns to. For instance DNS installs as follows: -> ->

So, visit solicit comments often turns on, visit other random *, wanting that * only is not BBS, can turn so on.

Float domain name of analytic domain name distinguishs the domain name analyticly

Extensive domain name is analytic be: * . The domain name is analytic to same Ip.
The domain name is analytic be: Child domain name. The domain name is analytic to same Ip.
Attention: Only the client’s space is independent Ip when extensive domain name ability is significant. And the domain name is analytic ask without this.

The utility with extensive analytic domain name:

1. can make domain name support infinite child domain name (this also is extensive domain name analytic the biggest utility) .
2. prevents user mistake to input the problem that the website that bring about cannot visit.

Inside DNS server the setting floats the domain name is analytic have 2 kinds of kind

1.In the domain name analytic inside the A that installs * is recorded or CName record points to certain IP/ server name (this kind of means is fictitious mainframe user does not support)
2.Inside domain name transmit setting * transmit arrives (fictitious lead plane can support way of this kind of transmit, the person that the user can judge a visit in his program wants the domain name) of the visit.

Used can say to be able to have N so after extensive is analytic 2, 3 grade domain name. For instance, ,,,

Advantage one: The visit discharge of so much site perhaps is independent, but the ALEXA that stationmaster cares is ranked however will all child total domain name gives after the summary assigning a value of the domain name.

Advantage 2: OK and many use will do search engine to optimize cogged. Build an alone page to be on the server for instance, and concoctive N 2 grade domain name will let a search engine is collected and go seniority, the center that has bit of head a little can make bit of page more a little, the content that strives for every stature domain name is different! But such means is OK also,the program comes true!

Advantage 3: too much did not list, optimize the 2nd it is important to come with respect to SEO!

Should do the N after extensive is analytic station, of people of talent can be collected to arrive in the instant blot out the sky and cover up the earth effect of rape search engine. For instance in those days a violates Baidu act 2004. What the people that better SEO perhaps pays close attention to Baidu gives Baidu is great distain and the technology is acid!

Also had appeared in succession later, but Baidu recalls a painful experience,gave the processing that is born to die young.

Ascensive ~~~

But some stations portal stands of course be sure to to reflect oneself must mix with dimensions formidably should use extensive of purpose analytic function. With the person that visit to the person that use a good URL is revealed.

Waved 2005 brother use program is collected automatically XXX stands and gift an automatic ID is in next generate automatically to mix other the site of 2 grade domain name of different content. The instant inside short time is mixed by Baidu YAHOO, GOOGLE is collected achieve 100 thousand. 10 thousand records of day IP20 are created inside short time. These are advantage and effects!

Inside the time later:

Baidu gives those who be not stations of all 2 class corn to delete above all (outside dividing important channel other generate kind)

Analysis: Similar sex is big, without creativity, and rubbish is a lot of (the content that stands because of XXX also very rubbish, such activity was taken after content of before was being examined only half part, be when can you waiting to be born to examine entirely, this site is being built entirely how) how do you say such thing should search rubbish ~ does engine Baidu take the person that reveal a visit? I am very compunctious!

Of course the station of 2 class corn of a few channel still exists, bound in IIS after all then, it is to use those who reveal those rubbish stations, content is quite contented!

Discharge was sufferred jump the blow of the building!

Google reaction:

Because collect very slow, he in those days is slower than now, summing up him slow even to people is 3 days update and collect. Blame present be collected at any time and change! Collected page wants to be able to be released again through sandbox first, element of consideration of quality of a few SEO just gives repass the rank, of course of a few an unexpected winner still is to be in home page. Sustained partial flow temporarily, can be value very not hopeful!

Baidu regards him of rubbish as to also won’t give good opinion, how does complete after all station give a rank like white paper? Send which spider to be able to run! How to rank?

Also answer finally collect an amount to decrease!

YAHOO reaction:

Because he is mixed in those days 3721, YISOU conformity is worn, collect data to be less than Baidu to be more than GOOGLE so, after all he is being striven for about a hundred of 100 million collect an amount, wave elder brother this action he is to like very!

Discharge antecedents and its 2 big searches are completely different, what he collects is page of complete station rubbish first it is quality page again. For instance forum was released, he registers your what above all, list, wrong clew page ah of what is to give the page that the person that visit shows directly to be collected first far from, how are you done namely also won’t have a rank!

Begin every to get effective so, later he large quantities of collecting, large quantities of ranks.

Because one is passed,sell a company in those days even (later be surely) the people place that the station is collected and be collected by him by me and is wanted to understand by more is searched and bring about a hundred discharge everyday! Sigh ~~~

Slowly begin to reject to collect and undertake seniority, leave 5 channel only to what be chopped by Baidu finally, and give fall authority!

Material of GOOGLE complete complement

YAHOO also deletes a part to collect.

See this phenomenon waves elder brother gave an operation, the page of catalog of 2 class channel that those rubbish 2 class station changes those who have to be collected. But,change for instance already behind schedule, later than train behind schedule!

These origin come from the at that time in those days, SEO goes in those days 51 application are free the space is many and cogged, in GOOGLE above show one’s strength, random is duplicate, stickup, jackknife until ban in the round 51. The has China station space page that bans at the same time, the ~~~ such as sina

51 was done, another 51 will do a test again is then

The financing of fire of wind wind fire, open a station, conduct propaganda, promotion, spread to what N stands now. See a netizen say to help me walk at any time, what to step on? 51 what step on him, is not QQ ZONE!

SEO people take him to come SEO is cogged, cogged method did not say. After all these are cogged!

To April Baidu gave ban thoroughly, only now is the existence of home page.

Do you say 51 hereat meaning uses extensive analytic go getting flow? Do ALEXA? Do N second financing? Either. He is for what do we insensible condition, but ignored the existence of Chinese SEO and those to be in however 51 go up the dish bird center that becomes individual homepage people! A little those who choose experience also can go to a yuan buy a corn, 50 yuan buy an all-pervasive space to issue a program to install a dinkum individual website to come instantly!

Those dish birds wish a HAO123 is all and stickup go in, wish to put all pictures that can see to album, wish one day that free hundred gone! What but these index to search,prop up is friendly degree however greatly discount! Make the integral quality of 51 drops!

SEO people be less than those who apply for a homepage or 2 class corn 1 minute, although used the corn of 51 2 class of frame,standing still is however can be identified by present Baidu and GOOGLE give to the content inside frame retrieve!

These SEO use can cogged method to be full of whole individual website, make bit of connection next, baidu came, GOOGLE also came. It is he should release a site to the list of 51 can show at least and join only, so 50% is collect!

Come down to begin cogged, the method does not give list, ask ego discovery!

Come down you can have the commercial term site that comparative in GOOGLE and Baidu undertaking congested seniority. They have the place of 1-10 page! Was used as Baidu space like seniority is being done in GOOGLE!

The hour of Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. should arrive, baidu anger!

The 51 searcher that you leave me please people eyeball! Not be the HI that I cannot bear the sight of you and me. Grab limelight, however your content cannot enter the line of vision too really, in that way the search technology that people can say me is not quite advanced, how to collect such rubbish page / site. Set is going out to play window and float and jump turn?


Two 51 (I want) hanged, who still wants?

Still having a offer statistic, I want to won’t be hanged! At least is he JS code is / to final method? =ID hopes such won’t rile Baidu!

All the time what SEO goes after is discharge, and the Baidu in search engine held the discharge of 80% , so from SEO be we still are fastened to Baidu for the angle that is born for GOOGLE too exorbitant SEO!

Extensive is analytic do not use easily!

Otherwise you also should be hanged!