SEO optimizes CSS piece, detail decides success or failure

Introductive: SEO the position in website operation is already self-evident, it is difficult that SEO says, because want to be in the website process that make only, hold a few ways, not too decorate about the same, this respect head of a station is main know, but SEO says simple also not simple, need much observation, think, go patiently studying detail, just can raise the integral rank of the website to a class. If the assurance to SEO detail is proper, sensational yield results arrives since the meeting. Oneself not just, will be in the following day, release a series ofSEO: Detail decides success or failurearticle, the article actors or actress with CSS melt into exemple, introduce a few skill, the hope can learn together with everybody discuss SEO, also hope at the same time everybody not stint grant instruction, thank!

As a whole, the website of DIV + CSS tags a design, everybody should have very much knowledge, I was arranged, accord with design standard to tell simply have the following profit:

Offer maximum benefit to give most website the user

Ensure any website article are blocked can long-term and effective

Simplify code, reduce construction cost

Make a website easier use, can get used to more and different user and more network equipment

Update when browser version, perhaps appear new network is alternant when equipment, ensure all application can continue to be carried out correctly.

So, we know these advantage, still need to be in actual in the center learn to be used alive alive, today’s theme isWill reflect Css with an example in SEO apply neatly, I discover, the standard is applied in most not very even in a few websites that accord with a standard, make this bit of mistake, which? Continue to look downward please.

See a picture first:

I did not go around in circles, from inside the graph we see some headline is such: 4399 small swim. . . . This is a caption that grow too because of length and is omited.

Normally ours is page of make it static state commonly, so we can use when making headline similar: {limit: Title, 12, . . . } , believe everybody looks so that understand, limitative caption length is 12, too chief share is used. . . Suspension points is replaced. That is actual this caption shows in home page the key word of current perhaps page is 4399 small swim. . . , we know, the search is the file that read a source, we extract the source file analysis of this page:

Searching the result that engine sees is such: Little game of <li><a Href=target=_blank Title=4399 > 4399 small swim. . . </a></li>

is not we envisage medium complete caption: Little game of <li><a Href=target=_blank Title=4399 > </a></li> of 4399 little game

So such doing is the meeting influential? The answer is affirmative. Stationmaster people know actually, the literal description weight that becomes this link so can be divided 4399 small swim. . . , and rather than on 4399 little game, although we had been in <A> ,described complete caption with Title of course.

If such saying that still do not understand, such we are OK still coming that explain, like to exchange the head of a station of the link at ordinary times more very much, use website name is not to take flow only, mix for the weight of a certain keyword however rank. The soul of SEO is a link, no matter be outside catenary or inside catenary, apparent weight is delivered, if we restricted caption and replace with suspension points, believe weight can sell at a discount greatly, this are beyond question.

Understood this, we can consider the way to deal with a situation. Actually <li> of the attribute in CSS 2.0 solved this problem very well for us, very Jian Jian’s single function can be done decided, such we are OK when controlling <li> writing (understand to be clear about, add with whole code) :

It is quotative content below:

<style Type=text/css>
< ! – -Li {Width:20px;White-space:nOwrap;Text-overflow:eLlipsis;
– O-text-overflow:eLlipsis;Overflow: Hidden;
/ * Firefox Only */Li:nOt(p) {/* Wtf Is? Pls Let Me Know*/Clear: Both;
}Li:nOt(p) A {Max-width: 17px;Float: Left;
}Li:nOt(p):aFter {Content: . . . ;Float: Left;Width: 25px;Padding-left: 5px;Color: #df3a0e;

– – >
Little game of <li><a Href= Titile=4399 > </a></li> of 4399 little game

Such word solved a problem easily. Even if is the share that exceed, also won’t be chopped in source file, offer search engine to indexed with complete caption however.

Actually we also were mentioned before the article, a lot of websites, finish the website of page theme with form especially, there is caption train in excess specified length to appear in the metropolis in relevant article, and the processing technique of most website is cut dropped share of train in excess specified length, of course the page that form finishs also can use this method, the truth is same, everybody can try.

Div+css standard design has a lot of places to suit SEO to optimize very much, hope everybody slowly go fumble and trying.

This article is he optimize the little experience in the process only, the hope can have the effect of cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, thank everybody!