Seo most fundamental thing, it is your curiosity

Sum up a few experience in the past, hope the friend to just learning SEO is helped somewhat, can regarding as is the thing of SEO foundation sex.

Say Search Engine Optimization searchs engine to optimize already exactly 2000 when, had been known by one part person of home and be in study.

2002, my website leaves a message this, once for many times by the SEO patronage of tactics of black hat of a few use SEO. Confused was made fun of one year by black hat SEO. 2003 when, I knew what calls Seo, the link that knew this getting on to my website leaves a message at the same time is SEO in patulous and exterior link.

Knew what calls SEO, after also knowing Seo is a good technology, I begin to seek all information about SEO wildly. . Use the SEO point of view that all seeing and hears to my website, waiting to the rank rises or drop next, gradually go test and verify each view, below the circumstance that does not have a client, oneself do a website, challenged a keyword with another popular different level, the limits that challenge him SEO ability.

2003 when, the environment that study SEO learns SEO than now should be differred a lot of. 3 years, allude the pity with the little article of SEO word, more never mention it meeting somebody is published a few contain SEO technical the article with very sufficient content. . And learn SEO at that time, should rely on completely to do a website to fumble only accumulate practice experience, this way.

But study SEO is very interesting also at that time, because of Google and Baidu very mental retardation, a few pieces of your frivolous pages, with respect to position of a when can cheat from their hand popular key word. Cite a case, resemble the << at that time two butterfly >> such popular song, when Google is searched, the result of the first page is Blog entirely, and after your dot goes in, these pages jump entirely turned. . . Resemble such technology, call Blog effect.

Learn SEO now, want the filtration that understand, because the article about SEO is really too much and too much. As abecedarian of a SEO, can read the SEO article of others only, neither one relies on him to accumulate the experience that come down to produce a total acknowledge to SEO, be equal to is little the house of basis.

Resemble now, one part person says SEO is very simple, SEO of a defend oneself is very complex.

Say SEO thinks simply SEO, change title namely, change website structure, utmost to expand the website is linked.

Say the person with complex SEO, it is the SEO job that is in charge of a more important website likely, cannot say at random, think SEO is very complex.

Simple with complex, it is oneself the acknowledge to SEO. . So SEO has the branch of black and white cap. . If a website, can be done with tactics of SEO black hat, so look for SEO of a black hat to operate, he can give you to break up the resource of the most valuable link on Internet. If you let black hat SEO make a normal station, do not allow to use the word of tactics of SEO black hat, so it is very difficult that he can think to be done.

Resemble such experience, as an abecedarian, light reads an article, study is less than. Because of the article that each person place publishs, only he perhaps has experienced what place system comes out now in experience at present. If you think study compares comprehensive SEO, must be about so oneself do a website, oneself are accumulated.

Do SEO from 2003 up to now, oneself website, the client’s website did too much SEO.2007 year the SEO industry appearance that domestic SEO industry follows 3 years is compared, it is to have very great progress apparently, begin to had seen not little company creates SEO position this year, talent of SEO of invite applications for a job. Rife SEO article also appears on the net. . This is a very good environment to SEO abecedarian.

But Chenyanzhou offers a piece of advice, no matter be again how valuable article, had better be try on the website that obtains the means to oneself. Not miserly the website of own hand, need not care. . Even if to the search engine is sealed, that also is one kind is gotten, also be an opportunity that gains valuable experience. Often see a few friends, after be being sealed to stand by BAIDU, Google, very decadent. . Not was necessary completely actually such, should remembering his is SEO. Passed a station, sum up experience. Redo, those who believe to be able to be done is betterer, can understand more how little unallowed of evasive search engine.

SEO abecedarian, should do a website more, ramble more a few forum, see others encounter what problem, when seeing him encounter this problem, be in what phase. About SEO article, proper sex has a choice look, OK.

Final Seo searchs engine to optimize Blog to tell you, seo most fundamental thing, it is your curiosity, it is your study method.